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#65me: Day 27: They will hail you!


#65me. Reading!

I pray this Word will bless one life today, in Jesus name!

Three Things:

Paul and Silas

Why were Paul and Silas put in prison in Acts 16? It is because they decided to cast a demon out of a possessed girl. The poor girl was even hailing them. I mean the girl was saying, “These men are servants of the Most High God, who are telling you the way to be saved.” This irked Paul and he had to do something.

Fast forward to our time, I wonder, if I was in Paul’s shoes, would I have cast out that demon? Would I not have rejoiced at the fact that someone acknowledged that I was about my Father’s business? Hmm, Ike Amadi, what would you have done? The world will hail you, but will that make you happy and forget to speak against evil when the need arises? I must be wary of worldly acclamations. I must be!

Feel God.

Acts 17:27; God is not far from us.  Yes we need to seek Him, but if we ‘feel our way toward him’, we will find him. Notice how Paul in NLT used feel. NIV says ‘reach out to him.’ KJV also uses “feel after him”. Amazing, you might not understand fully who God is and how He operates, but if you choose to seek God, not failing to feel Him, perhaps through the miracles He has wrought in your life in time past, or through things you already know to be true about God, you might find Him, you actually will find Him. Like a blind man feels the path he is taking, so we must continue to feel God, until we find Him.

Speak Out!

Acts 18:10 –  “Don’t be afraid! Speak out! Don’t be silent!”

Would to God that we Christians would heed that command. That was what the Lord said to Paul one night. Let us not be afraid to speak for God, for the truth, for Jesus. We must continue to speak out. Evil must not prevail in the land where you dwell. Interestingly, it is because certain persons spoke out that we are saved from destruction; we too must speak out! See any evil? speak out, friend!

…and one more:

Apollos; Acts 18

Interesting fella.

Notice how Priscilla and Acquila treated Apollos. They did not rebuke him or look down on him for his preaching only John’s baptism which he knew very well and taught eloquently, rather they augmented his knowledge and gave him a good recommendation.

There are diverse gifts in the body of Christ, thus we must always seek to encourage the brethren we see manifesting certain gifts so that the body of Christ might be strengthened. They might not do it as we would like it to be done, or as it appears it should be done, but there is certainly something they can do to enlarge the kingdom of God.

Keep reading, keep sharing your thoughts. Not started reading the New Testament? Join us read the NT in ‘65’ days, and have the Holy Spirit speak to you – in this case ‘me’, hence #65me






Ike Amadi

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