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There’s quite a lot of thin-lines in life; some points where it becomes excruciatingly difficult to tell like from love, strong-interest from addiction, close from too close, decent from ‘over-the-line’ and then there are the more interesting ones like telling boldness from cowardice, strength from weakness…good from bad.

This piece is also about thin lines: telling careful from fearful.

There is an innate self-defensive mechanism of some sorts that everyone possesses: We don’t play with fire (except you are a baby but then a baby wont be reading this right? lol), we don’t run into a speeding car (hopefully, we are not suicidal) and the list goes on.

 These are simple things that we don’t do, not necessarily because we were taught not to do so but there is this self-preservation faculty of ours that tell us “It’s not safe!”, “Hey, watch it!”, “Be CAREFUL”,

 So growing up, we, in the most unconscious way, learn, to great depths, the importance of the word “careful”.

As the concerns and priorities of a growing man experience metamorphosis, so does our understanding of the word “careful” evolves:

Now we are very careful to say, “ I love you ”, “ I have a question ”, “ Maybe you may be missing the point ”, “ I was wrong ” and it gets more dramatic when we are getting very careful to start something new, to go on a new venture, to take some risks, to take a chance at a better life, to be honest and straightforward…

To be careful is great. It actually is a virtue. But are you sure that ‘careful’ has not become a cover-up for your ‘fearful’? As long as fear is the reason you will not do or say something, you are in a very terrible position.

You don’t just go say “I love you” to someone, you just don’t leave what you are doing and go into some new venture, you just don’t ‘take a chance at a better life’ and you just don’t open your mouth and say anything. You must think things through and through BUT are you sure it’s you being careful and it’s not fear that is holding you back?

Get out of that precarious zone of calling ‘fearful’ ‘careful’. Face the issues and never let fear be a part of your decision-making.

There will be risks to take, some uncertain things to take a chance at, some journey to embark on even when there is no light in view. We will need humility to be able to learn and get better. That is how life is. That is how you and I can actually leave here for ‘there’. 

Fear is the insurmountable inertia that will cripple you and make sure you remain here and here forever.

  • We must say no to fear.

    • yessir. NO to fear.

  • Mercy

    Thanks for this piece!

    • you are welcome sis. Thanks for reading

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