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Home is probably the complete opposite of what you think it is. It is, for one, not the house your father built and neither is it the one you are living in.

Home, is not built- it is made.

Home is where you are when you are comfortable with being yourself, when you are not so burdened with looking good for someone, when you are not in pretense but in acceptance. Home is where you are real, where you are your true self. Home is when your motivation is not competition.

Home is where you have the capacity to hear the truth, good or bad, and not misunderstand it. You cannot be made to feel at home, you only can choose to be there or not to.

It turns out that many of us have not been home in many years. We’ve traveled far away. We’ve been busy trying to impress, struggling to get the spotlight, wanting to be like the guy next door- probably like Mark or Steve. Of course, that has been duly accompanied with frustration, disgrace, disappointment and bitterness.

So, I’m calling you back home. It’s only at home you can truly appreciate who you are and enjoy the process of morphing into something even more beautiful. Home is when you are never under any undue stress to perform or deliver yet you are moving-on everyday aiming for the peak.

Home is where we can find true happiness and deep satisfaction. Home is where you are not looked down at but believed in. Home is where there is hope and confidence for brighter days.

Home is if your heart is in that state.

So it is not a place after all. It is not a house.
To be home is to know this deep inside your heart.

They say charity begins at HOME, well I think EVERYTHING WORTHWHILE begins at HOME.

Have a possible 2013!

Akinola Akindamola Daniel
Purpose International

  • keshi

    same to you sir. thanks.

  • Thank you for reading miss Keshi

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