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I am sorry that this piece is coming a week late. School is back and some things had to be put in place…Shall we begin?

If you have been following this column closely since it’s inception, you would have noticed the orientation of the author- his intention has always been to help break down life’s principles to bits that can be easily digested by every reader. This week won’t be an exception but the approach will be different.

Today, let’s talk about you! You say ‘me’? Yes! YOU!! 

So you want to get better in your life. You want to have the edge, to be dynamic. You want to be wanted, to be important, to have purpose and direction in your life but the deal of the gist is that you will need to spend more time on something else rather than just “I want”.

Everyone on earth ‘wants’ something but Life’s Principle of Want is- “If you want something, you need to first learn something”. There are a lot of troubles that some of us have gotten into, not because we didn’t get what we wanted but because we didn’t learn anything about what we wanted. We just had it but neither fully understood it nor appreciated it. We just abused it! On the other hand, some of us never come close to what we desire because we just were sitting down waiting for it!

The world is so simplified by technology that we will gladly pay for a machine that will go to school, study and take our exams for us! We say we are advancing but in actual fact, we are wasting.

So let’s start with you. You say you wish to become a popular singer? Right? Cool! What exactly have you learnt about singing? Do you know what a ‘key’ is? ‘Pitch’? ‘Harmonisation’? You are like “I don’t need all that theory stuff. I just realize that I have a good voice and I just am waiting for a producer to discover me and set me on fire!” Listen, the question is- How many hours of your life have you devoted to actually knowing the art of singing and getting better at it?

All of us want to be this and that but we have never actually consciously devoted time to look deep, learn stuff about the thing we say we want. As long as you are just wanting, you are just a day-dreamer waiting for life to happen to you.

 Unfortunately, when you just sit back to let life happen to you, you will never get anything tangible out of it. You need be proactive. Read up on great singers! What is your passion? I almost can bet there are videos about it. For starters, YouTube is a great knowledge stack! 

Start with what you have where you are and begin to actually PURSUE that dream.

I have devoted hours upon hours of my live to listening to songs, learning riffs, music theory, rules of expression, reading help materials both soft and hard. I learn photoshop-stuff and watch videos on how to get better photoshots and the list goes on and on.Today, Im not there yet but my singing is getting better by the day, I understand public communication better and better, my writing is becoming more eclectic and dynamic, my photo-shots are getting better (eventhough at a really slow pace. lol), I can help and advice people from a more informed stand point and on and on. (Don’t miss the point! I’m not trying to sell myself. Im trying to challenge you!).

Enough of wanting, start learning!

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Akinola Akindamola Daniel

  • Funmi

    Great piece! But, what if you’re so tied up with a whole lot of other stuffs and you dont have the time needed to learn about what you want? Or the resources needed to get the information is not readily available?

    • Im sorry this reply is coming late. There was a problem with the feedback system but it’s fixed now!

      Well, there are some few questions to answer HONESTLY:

      1.How much do you want what you want?
      2.If you make a list of the things you want, what number will this thing be?
      If you gave honest answers to those questions, some things should be clear already.

      There is a practical way around it

      Make it a priority that no ‘lot of other stuffs’ will get your attention until you have given at least 30 minutes of one day to learning about this thing that you want.

      Dont start by learning for hours and hours. That tradition wont last. Start slowly but consistently.

      As touching the other question of resources, it perhaps will help if I have an idea of what this ‘thing’ is that you want. If you dont mind, you can email me- or send me a message on facebook (Akinola Akindamola Daniel)

      Thanks for reading.

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