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Please, Don’t Judge Me

There is a little hypocrisy to saying “no one is perfect”. It is a statement of fact but no one takes responsibility for it. We can say that sentence one million times a day and still feel very comfortable with ourselves. Perhaps, that is the best way to differentiate between ‘fact’ and ‘truth’: fact is true but that is all that is to it, lifeless. Truth on the other side is not just true, it’s not lifeless, it goes deep inside. It testifies with the spirit and either encourages the soul or challenges it.

Truth is when I can come to the place where I can honestly tell myself: I AM NOT PERFECT! To come to that place where I can see, with my own eyes, that there are a LOT of things I NEED to work on in my life. It is the point where I chose not to live in any flattering illusions of myself. The place where “to thyself, be true”.

That said and done, I am a strong believer in God’s 7 billion-project (I refer to humanity as God’s 7 billion-project). I believe there is a reason God has allowed us multiply to such great dimensions on the earth. Each and every one of us need the right people in our lives and God keeps supplying people so that everyone can be reached and touched by at least one other person.

People are meant to inspire us when we are down, lift our spirit when we are tired, strengthen our feeble knees when they are knocking, help us see the distant light in a dark tunnel. In that is the general purpose of humanity.

Unfortunately, people have not been much like that around. People have talked, whispered, lied, condemned, insulted, castigated, vilified…they have JUDGED me. They were not always wrong in their judgments. Sometimes, I was wrong and for those times, I wanted to pay for my wrongs so I ‘gladly’ took the ‘ungenerous’ remarks, looks and geers.

This is neither an attempt to justify anything I’ve done, wrong or right. This is a personal plea to YOU- Please, don’t Judge me.

Challenge me, show me my wrong, tell me it’s not the best for me, tell me I can be better, show me something positive I can hold on to while dealing with me. Encourage me.

Everyday, my truth is before me and many times they are so real and heavy on me that they press me down. Please don’t contribute to my load and my pain. Don’t judge me, instead, CHALLENGE ME.

If you will do this for me, for folks around you and ultimately for yourself, I am sure we will all be truly better for it.

Akinola Akindamola Daniel
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