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When “Im sorry” Hurts Even More

          I have been sorry before in my life- as a matter of fact not once. I was sorry and it was sincere. I wish I didn’t do what I did and I was really sad and ashamed of myself.

         Someone said it is a sign of greatness when, no matter what, you can easily fess up and say the three golden words: I am sorry and I agree…

         When someone says to another person that they are sorry, it surely shows a remarkable level of maturity and a desire to keep the existing relationship. That, theoretically, should make the person, to whom the apology is being made, happy.

         But over the past months, I have been trying to look at the picture from the other side. If you really care, do you actually become happy when someone you care about goofs and they came back apologizing? Do you go “ Thank God! Now he’s back to his senses”?

How glad is

1. A father who now has a pregnant daughter that is truly sorry?
2. A lady whose fiancé cheated on her and the man is now in tears truly sorry?
3. The person whose very much-trusted friend stabbed them in the back and the betrayer now is somber and apologizing?

            Are you actually happy when people that matter in your life disappoint you and break your heart and after a while they are back weeping and apologizing?

            For me, I realize that I feel more pain when a straying brother finds his way and he is now back saying he’s sorry. I’m happy that he is back but I feel great pain because he didn’t have to go through all he had gone through if he had listened, been a little more careful and stayed focused.

             The thing is- “ I’m sorry ” is not always all it takes to fix a mistake. Sometimes, it’s better not to make some mistakes in the first place! Let’s think more on the decisions we make and the steps we take; the impacts they have on others and the probable concomitant ripple effects that a single move of ours could generate.

            Don’t become a man of many apologies. Be a man that is extremely careful in his daily deeds. Be the one who never forgets the people he cares for and those who care about him in every of his moves. Don’t be always sorry friend: just stop being wantonly foolish.

I am not demanding that you be perfect as that in itself will be unfair- I am not a perfect person. What I am doing, with this piece, is challenging to be more aware of your decisions than you are ready to always apologize.

Akinola Akindamola Daniel

    • Im sorry this reply is coming late. There was a problem with the feedback system but it’s fixed now!

      Thank you very much. I appreciate you taking time to read this.

  • Tolulope Oyetade

    Great piece,bro. Wil try to b make ryt decisions always.

    • Im sorry this reply is coming late. There was a problem with the feedback system but it’s fixed now!

      Im happy you were challenged by this piece! Right decisions are key. Thanks for reading.

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