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His blood redeemed me.

The things I did he cast away.

Forgave me my sins

And wasted no time to clean the slate.

When I look back to who I used to be

I give thanks to the One who sets a New History

He wiped away every old story

and made me brand new for all to see.


YES, I wish to confess this

When I look at the new me,

I ask myself “Is this really me?”


What he did is so MAGNIFICIENT

How he did it, I still have no clue of it.

To be real with you friend, CHANGE IS SO EXCITING

There is this Joy, Peace and Comfort in me. To cut it short, I FEEL SO DIFFERENT!


Dear Friend, He can do the same to you.

Make you brand new like me and take those guilt away.

Go to Him! He will give you rest and make your Life good.

All you need to do is Believe in His Son, confess your sins, ask for forgiveness and repent of your ways.



Prayer: May God Help you as you yearn to find your way back home. May His Strength and Grace be upon you as you receive this new way of Life. May the warm hands of God be wrapped around you as you return to His Bosom in Jesus name. Amen

Be Blessed in your Journey of Life with God.

Bola John

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Bola John

Dr. Bola John is a medical doctor, and writes to encourage young men and women to lead a victorious spiritual life.

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