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Eat the word of God. FEED YOUR SOUL.

Ignore the Word and Suffer

Honor God’s commands and grow rich- Proverbs 13:13

“Ignore the Word and Suffer” I kept pondering over this verse after I had my personal time with God this morning. I was thinking deeply on the words. When I ignore the words of God, I suffer from the Hands of Satan the Deceiver, i suffer from temptations, tests, most importantly I SUFFER FROM SIN.


When I honor God’s commands, i will grow rich. When I read his word and honor what’s written there, i will grow rich of joy, peace, righteousness, Self-Control, freedom. Talking about FREEDOM, I will be able to exercise my freedom wherever and whenever.

“Christ has set us free to live a free life. So take your Stand! Never again let anyone put a harness of Slavery on you- Galatians 5:1

This verse helps me to remember an experience I had a short time ago:

I was sitting at a certain position as I read my Bible but there was something different this time about this position, there was a sandwich placed near my bed (my position) by my Sister. So as I was reading the Bible I got distracted, or should I say i got tempted to eat the sandwich which was by my bedside before I return to my Bible. I was about to eat not because I was  hungry but because I was tempted to eat the food. I picked up the sandwich, prayed on it and began my lovely venture with it because it tasted sweet. As I was eating the lovely sandwich, I heard a voice saying “FEED YOUR SOUL, NOT YOUR STOMACH”. At that moment, I dropped the food on the table and I immediately returned to the Bible I was reading to feed my soul of His words and not my stomach of foods of which a great percentage will soon be excreted.


The Devil is lurking around all the time looking for who to distract, who to tempt, who to enslave with Sin. He is searching for more captives but the Word is a weapon against him. Your Bible is your Sword! For me, he placed a sandwich before me because he knew how much I loved eating. For you, it might not be a Sandwich, it might be a TV show, a movie, an outing….it might be PREMARITAL SEX and IMMORALITY.


He uses your weaknesses to tempt you so you can ignore the Bible, so you can ignore your call, so you can ignore your relationship with God, so you can ignore God, so you can lay down the cross you are carrying after Christ and follow him – the devil. He knows your weaknesses as much as you know them.

If not for the Holy Spirit that spoke to me that day, I could have kept on eating that sandwich and maybe stood up from my position to go ahead and grab a drink,  and then maybe get more and more distracted and then later procrastinate my personal time with God.

The Devil keeps on laying temptations before us but when you don’t feed your Soul, you can never battle them, you become weak and surrender to them and that was what he was trying to achieve with me. DON’T GIVE HIM A CHANCE, YOU ARE A CONQUEROR THROUGH CHRIST JESUS, so conquer Him by reading the Bible.


Without Good directions, people lose their ways

The more we counsel, the better your chances- Proverbs 11:4

The Bible speaks life by directing, reproving and counseling us. It changes our lives and heals our minds. IT FEEDS OUR SOUL!

NOTE AND REMEMBER: When you read your Bible, you feed your Soul and His words remain alive and Full in you so you never go weak.



Bola John

Dr. Bola John is a medical doctor, and writes to encourage young men and women to lead a victorious spiritual life.

  • It’s amazing how we can feed our bodies daily, but neglect our spirits. You’re right: we need to feed both.

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