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Christians Awake!

The write-up you are about to read could be funny to you or could be weird to you but it is the actual truth, the actual record of what happened to me on Saturday, 1st of September 2012. I hope you understand the write-up and be at alert once more because of it.

It was a sunny morning when I woke up. The sun was shining directly on my bed, I knelt down on my bed to have my short morning prayer and as I prayed to God, I saw a vision. I saw a book with a page opened down and looking into it, I saw a number repeatedly on it. The number was 5666-26-47. When I finished my prayer, I was puzzled about the number and sat down on my bed thinking deeply. After a while, I got up from my bed to start my journey of life for that day. Already on my feet, a thought came to me to write the number down since I saw it as I prayed, it was a vision although I didn’t yet understand the vision.

I sat down on my bed again, wrote the number down in a book but as I stood up again from my bed, I heard this number 5-0-0-0, then I quickly wrote the number, looked back at the first number then I replaced the 5-6-6-6 with the 5-0-0-0. Now it was just the book and I staring at each other, I took a long look at the book and saw the 5 change into S in my mind. Yes, the number changed. I told you before that its a weird write-up so read on!

Now the number said S-0-0-0 which i read as S-O-O-O but still I didn’t get a complete clue of what God was telling me about this number so i went to the toilet to pee and while in the toilet, i heard this voice again “S-O-O-O-N meaning SOON! I don’t know how to explain this but the purpose of my vision is to give hope to the saints that are waiting, ring an alarm to the ones that are sinning, and show the ones lost the path back home.

The fact is that JESUS is coming SOON, believe it if you like it or not, prepare for it if you believe it. This is a time to stay watchful, a time to prepare for His Coming and what do we use to prepare for His Coming? OUR LIFE. Our lives are the passwords to going with Him. If you have a bad life, the password is wrong but if you have a good, pure life, the password is correct and accepted….it opens the door to Heaven!

Christians, don’t loosen up now that it is the time for His return. DON’T LOSE FOCUS. Keep believing, Keep preparing. Don’t let us be like the five foolish virgins who knew about the Coming of Jesus, were expectant of His Coming but didn’t prepare well. Our lamps(lives) should never go out of fuel or kerosene i.e our Faith. Our lamps should always have fuel and be shining brightly. It should be burning fervently and we should be on fire for God till he comes, till we hear the trumpet sound announcing His Coming.

My Vision is not a Fiction or a made-up lie. I am a Preacher of Truth and I will be doomed and cursed if I don’t reveal this truth(this vision) to you. JESUS IS COMING SOON. He sent me to tell you this message and has been sending others to also pass these message across. He loves you so much and doesn’t want you to be destroyed so he keeps warning you. BELIEVE in Him today and flee from the Devil’s den. It is your belief in Jesus that can release you from your bondage as John 3:16 says!

I will love to see you in Heaven with me worshiping our Father! This life on Earth you have is temporary but your Eternal Life is FOREVER. What you do here on earth determines where you will spend your eternity. My dear brother, CHANGE! My dear Sister, CHANGE! Stop allowing Sin hold you captive. Sin may be sweet but God is sweeter. Sin has its consequences for you but God has his blessings prepared for you.


May God help us make it till we run this race till the finish line in Jesus name. Amen.

I love you but God loves you more. Have a Blessed Week. ~God Bless~

Bola John

Bola John

Dr. Bola John is a medical doctor, and writes to encourage young men and women to lead a victorious spiritual life.

  • Great piece sister! God bless you! Keep doing this!!!

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