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God’s love for you.

 Your sins are to be forgiven and you are to be loved by God.

Lots of people don’t even know how much Jesus loves them. They easily forget the measure of love God has for them and they replace the love God has for them with doubts, fear and guilts.

We hardly realize that he is unlike men. He is unlike our parents or friends, our boyfriend or fiancé, our girlfriend or fiancée. We believe His love for us stops when we sin or walk out of His presence.  We think his love for us could be likened to  Human Love.

God’s love is a supernatural type of love, an extraordinary one. He loves you FOR BETTER FOR WORSE, in sin and in righteousness. His love for you is Unconditional. Your parent’s love can’t replace it neither can your spouse love replace it. His love can never be replaced. His Love for you is so Great and cannot be quantified

He will keep loving you when you fall and backslide from the path he has put you on, he’ll keep loving you when you doubt where you stand in Him, he’ll keep loving you when you also follow the tracks he has laid down for you. He’ll always keep loving you.Like Charles Spurgeon quoted “Thank God you have got a Father that can be angry, but that loves you as much when he is angry as when he smiles upon you”

I will like to briefly cite an example for you to understand better.

God is the Shepherd and we are the Sheep. A shepherd takes care of his sheep and gives them all of his attention because he loves them so much and he watches over them all the time. But when a sheep wanders off on his own into the thick, wide forest, the shepherd becomes worried, disturbed and sad. He doesn’t leave that sheep alone to his/her fate, he is very concerned about the sheep and still loves the sheep as he always loved him/her.

He abandons the sheep that are already with him and goes in search of the lamb which got lost.

And as David found his sheep and fought against the lion to rescue his sheep, God is ready to rescue you from the Lion’s Den you are in now and fight in your place against the Devil.

He is ready to bring you back to His home, your home- where you belong with the other Sheep.

ALL YOU NEED TO DO is to accept His Love and reach out for his help, call and cry out to Him. As a sheep cries out when he is in distress and the shepherd comes along to save him, CRY OUT TO GOD!

Don’t allow negative thoughts waver your Faith. They hinder you from experiencing God’s love and asking for forgiveness. Don’t say “I can’t call His name again, I have offended him too much” or “I am not  worthy of his love” or “I don’t think he will forgive me” The truth is when you sin, don’t run away from God , run to Him, run to his love and mercy not far from it. YES, you have offended him but He is ready to forgive and forget what you have done, to bring you back to His home and EVEN have a party to rejoice at your return.

My DEAR FRIEND, God LOVES YOU SO MUCH and he No matter how many times you have fallen, God is always ready to pick you up if you make the move.will never stop loving and forgiving you. So Feel his Love and enjoy His presence always.

Bola John

Dr. Bola John is a medical doctor, and writes to encourage young men and women to lead a victorious spiritual life.

  • i need to get a fresh revelation of God’s love for my life.

    thanks for sharing, Bola.

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