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The Broken Tooth

“People ruin their lives by their own stupidity,
so why does God always get blamed?”- Proverbs 19:3


This is going to be a story-like write-up. Read it and enjoy!So I was all alone at home reading my Bible and posting on Facebook two weeks ago. My sister who I lived with, had gone out to do some shopping. I began to feel hungry, my stomach growling for satisfaction. I had no choice, but to get up from where I was to go in search of something to eat.

The first place I went was the cupboard. I checked it, but there was no fast food to eat but raw food produce. My mind was not set to go cook in the kitchen because, at this time, the growling in my stomach had reached an alarming pitch. I opened the fridge to check if I could find anything. It was then that I saw something fresh that caught my eyes- a loaf of bread and a pack of hot-dog. Bringing out the bread and hot dog from the fridge, I quickly set out to prepare a meal to ease my hunger, but just then I remembered that my sister had a snicker chocolate bar sitting beside the window. Abandoning my food, I picked up the chocolate bar and was about opening it when I heard my inner voice warning me against eating it. I ignored it and made another effort to open it but then this voice commanded me to drop the chocolate, and go back to the food I wanted to eat. However, because of my  lack of contentment, selfishness, disobedience and stubbornness to the warning, I went on to open the snickers joyfully and took a bite. The chocolate bar was delicious and tasted quite yummy.

I took the second bite but this time, something strange happened- I felt something hard like a stone in the snickers I was chewing. I was so surprised and this had me wondering “Why there will be a stone in the chocolate so I carefully chewed the chocolate so that I didn’t end up swallowing the stone or having the stone stuck in my teeth. Bringing out the half chewed chocolate from my mouth, I saw white broken stones which made me perplexed. I kept examining the stones with my mouth wide open and then it clicked that it was my tooth that was half broken. Remembering the warning I heard before eating the chocolate, I wished that I heeded the warning not to eat it. I paid a great price for that disobedience. I still have an half broken tooth that hurts my cheek when I try to smile or talk too much, and I am planning to see the dentist soon when I could have avoided all this from happening if I had listened to a simple warning- Don’t eat! Drop it!

My story might seem funny and weird to you and you may say, “well, it serves her right, she should have just stuck with her first meal plan and she would have not suffered a broken tooth,” or “she should have just listened to the Holy Spirit’s voice and obeyed as He led her.”

You may be right about that and I still live everyday remembering that tragic day and learning daily from it, but let me summarize a more tragic story which was recorded in the bible. One I am sure you are all familiar with.

It is a story about David- the king who had 8 wives and 10 concubines. In spite of the number of wives and concubines he had, King David got tempted by a beautiful woman bathing (just like I got tempted by the Snickers). He got his messengers to go ask about the woman and they came back to inform him of the lady’s name and also told Him “she was a married woman” which I think is enough warning because He already knew God’s warning about Adultery in the Law(According to Exodus 20:14) but he chose to “go on” like me. He chose to disobey God’s word against committing adultery and went on to sleep with Bathsheba- the woman he was in lust with. David thought he could never do without the woman called Bathsheba and he didn’t put away his lust for her by ignoring it and going back to one of His wives to get the pleasure he sought for from Bathsheba. Instead, he put Bathsheba as an idol before God( same thing with my chocolate). This sin brought sorrow to David and he had to pay a price for his disobedience- the product of the sin he committed ( the son Bathsheba bore)


Each of us has a hunger within us – a hunger for food, a hunger for peace, a hunger for satisfaction, a hunger for comfort and joy, a hunger for love, a hunger for friendship, and a hunger for acceptance but everyone of us must also have a hunger for God and we need God to fill that space. The problem is, most times when we find God( the Jewel we have been searching for) we do not stick to Him, we get distracted by the flashy, lucrative, appealing things of the world which makes us divert our attention from God and His word to this new idol in the world.

Being controlled by the feelings we have and not the God we serve and this word, we find ourselves experiencing difficulties as well as feeling shame and regret, but there is something more I love about the story of David. Although he sinned against God, although he disobeyed God- he confessed His Sins and did the right thing(2 Samuel 12:24), he returned back to God and sought the face of God. Yes, His story went from bad to good, he was restored and forgiven by God so as the normal state of my tooth will be restored and you can also be restored today dear friend when you give God the broken pieces.

Lessons I learnt and I will like to share.

– We have to stick to God and not attempt to leave His presence to go play with the Devil in the background.

-We should listen to and obey God’s commandments. He gave us each of His commandments to follow for our own good. We face the consequences when we don’t follow them( How we make our bed so shall we lie on it.)

-All of His commandments are easy to follow if you consider the consequence we may encounter due to our disobedience.

-Many times we are tempted by different things and circumstances around you but we always need to keep it in mind that “No temptation has overtaken you but such as is common to man; and God is faithful, who will not allow you to be tempted beyond what you are able, but with the temptation will provide the way of escape also, so that you will be able to endure it.- 1 Corinthians 10:13″ and that God will provide that grace to walk away from whatsoever temptation we face if we will to and ask God for grace. The temptation you may face tomorrow is a temptation God is sure you can handle and overcome, so make Him proud and put the Devil to shame by handling that temptation in a perfect manner.

– We may fail God sometimes but we need not to be ashamed of facing God seeking for repentance. We need not to feel unworthy of His love and His goodness. God loves us all the same whether we do good or bad. He loves us in the darkest moments of our Life. Jesus died for us while we were still sinners, not while we were believers and so righteous. When we sin against God, we need to seek repentance and refuge not desolation.

~If we are far away from God, let us return boldly but soberly to God like the Prodigal Son and confess our sins to Him, asking for forgiveness. Be reassured that God still loves you as he always loved you and He will definitely accept you back and restore you. God Bless. <3




Bola Jackson


Bola John

Dr. Bola John is a medical doctor, and writes to encourage young men and women to lead a victorious spiritual life.

  • Mercy

    I sure can relate to this.

    Thank God for the many chances He have and still give me.

    I love Him!

    Bless you, Bola John.

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