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The Exciting Personality Called Bola John!

A Godly woman who ever since she has been touched by the love of God and changed radically by the Spirit of God refreshing her Life, has been continuously inspiring the people of this world especially the younger generation, because they hold the future in their Hands. She uses words inspired by God and experiences occurring around her to permeate through the hearts and minds of people thereby instigating and encouraging them to DO SOMETHING about their Spiritual and Moral Life.

Let’s get to meet her.

Friends back in my secondary school years often call me Bolajackson because i dance some break moves like Micheal Jackson while some people also call me mostly by Bola but my full name is Omobolanle John Emaimo.

I hail from Akwa Ibom State. You might be surprised at my state of origin and you might be pondering how come I have a yoruba name. Well, Calm down that’s a long story to be explained shortly but not now. I am the 2nd of a Family of Six.

I am currently studying Medicine in Rostov State Medical University, Russia which enables me to save lives both medically and spiritually.

In Life, I believe we are all created for a purpose- a great purpose but sometimes we fail to achieve that purpose in Life because of FEAR that we can’t achieve it, LAZINESS to try and make something happen and FAILURE to DO SOMETHING. Most times, some don’t even know what their purpose is. I believe you can’t know the purpose to your Life when it is not deep-rooted in God-reality, God-initiative and God-provisions as it is written in Matthew 6:33. Our Life is a journey and the way to Life is God, which you have to travel with a deep consciousness of God to realize your Purpose.

Writing has not always been my best hobby, I discovered my talent recently and I started doing something; writing with a great commitment as if my Life depended on it. Actually, reading was my first love and remains one of my favorite hobbies.
Growing up as a young girl, my Bible was one of my favorite books. I always sat down in a quiet room and read my Bible. Although I didn’t understand most words, i loved reading it because my heart found Joy in it. As I grew older, I read different kind of books which developed my initiative and widened my thoughts.

My write-ups will focus on God, Spirituality, Life, Morality> everything in particular.

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Ike Amadi

Author of the book Do Something! I am an advocate of all things #fresh. I want to see you become a #dosomethingperson.

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