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#BookReview: Power for Living By Jamie Buckingham. (1)

I got this book, two years ago, I suppose from a dear friend. I wouldn’t want to mention the name of the friend so that you will not go googling or facebooking my friend, and we will now have to share the friend. Seeing that I have some time now, I decided to read the book.

Shame on everyone who can read and doesn’t read books! You are missing out on so much manna that could make your life much better.

Because I am not selfish, I decided to share some points I gained from reading through the book so far. I hope we get to apply them as Vee Ojay advised in her post.


The title of the book is power for living. She mentioned that for us to keep soaring as eagles, we must constantly be tuned to the source – God – who gives power for living.  I will, in quote form, give the striking lines; and, if and when necessary, will expatiate.

There is only one condition for success – put God first.

Our problem is not that we don’t have goals. Our problem is that we have the wrong goals.

Want to know the right goal? Check Mt 6:33; Psalm 37:4.

True success is having our spiritual needs met. Don’t get off at the wrong destination: of money, security and prestige.

Do not let fear stop you from seeking God’s best for your life. Fear of being a fanatic.

Don’t listen to anyone who will give you the wrong directions or offer you an easy way to success – finding God.

Don’t follow the crowd.

Seek God until you find him.

This is what I have read so far, as I learn more, I will share.

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