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What Motivates Your Actions? by @debbythatcher

So, I was having my #Datenight with God like I do. I worshipped, prayed, sang, studied and all but I still couldn’t shake off a light tugging I’d been feeling in my heart earlier that day. I really didn’t know what the problem was because usually when I feel God pulling me towards him, I go on a Date night with Him and then I’m okay again, but there I was still worshipping but didn’t feel any release.

In the middle of my worship, God spoke to me, “Deborah, what are you doing?”, I was like “err, Dad, I’m spending time with you” and God asks “why?”. Trust me, at that point I was confused because I’m one of the cheerleaders of ‘you gotta have a reason for everything you do’ movement. So this is me in a QnA session with God and I’m totally thrown off course by the second question…
Eventually, I was able to say “…because I love you lord” and I could feel him going “really?”. I immediately got down from my high horse of thinking I’d figure out what God was driving at on my own.. silly me!

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The Dipping Place.

There’s a God-sized void in our hearts and People, Work, Passion, Ministry, Material things can’t fill it. There are times we feel so discontent and unsettled; sometimes we can’t pinpoint what’s gnawing at our hearts. When you feel lonely, it…

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When Did We Become This Way?

I’ve been having this burning sensation inside of me lately, as though something wants to forcefully let itself out. I’ve been having these episodes. Yes, episodes of anger and sadness best defines it. I’ve not only realized how religious I am. I’ve come to feel how God is really feeling. I’m talking about walking on the street and God is just talking and talking… so, I’m going to relay a bit of what he has been telling me.

I will like to sound this: the problem between man and God is NOT sin. God has dealt with sin; it is NO longer a problem. So, before I get to the point today, I’ll like to write the lyrics of a song by casting crowns.

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The True Place Of A Believer

I can tell you that as I type this, I am really angry! I am angry and I’m not sorry. My anger is a good one. I am going to yield myself to the Holy Spirit to use me as much as he wants so if you get offended over anything, it’s not me. It’s God through me.

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Lust Must Not Win!

You might not fully get the origin of this message if you haven’t read the first part. To read the first part, please Click Here and the Second, Click Here

How can we effectively fight lust? How can we experience lasting change in this area of our life? I believe that our fight against lust needs to be: specific, detailed, diligent.

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God invented sex!

You might not fully get the origin of this message if you haven’t read the first part. To read the first part, please Click Here

If you want to escape the mess that lust makes of your sexuality, you need to know at least three things.

Time, run, run and hasten the marriage day!

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