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How To Choose A Life Partner.

Marriage is a life decision. One of those decisions that will either give you eternal pleasure or put you in an eternal prison. And as long as you desire to have a fresh wife or husband, you must take this matter of finding the right mate seriously.
Truth is, If you want to find the right mate, you need to first of all become the right mate.

All of us human beings are magnets: living magnets. You don’t attract what you want, rather you attract who you are.
In the same way, you don’t attract who you desire to marry: slim fit, no pimples, rich, Lekki home-owner, rather you attract whom you are or hope to be.

It all begins with vision.

Your decision today concerning who to marry is a decision that will impact your life 20, 30 years from now. It is about the future, and that capacity to see into the future 20, 30 years from now, is a function of wisdom, which is a function of maturity. The more accurately you can decipher the future, the more accurate your decisions will be today. If in future, you see yourself becoming a CEO, that will help you recognize the opportunities, and the people that will help you become one.

If your mind is filled with poverty, you can’t recognize opportunities for prosperity.

Once you have that vision, it will determine the kind of person you’ll marry. You have to define the future now.

People never think beyond today. But for you to choose the right mate, you must learn to think tomorrow!

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