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Breaking Down the Wall of Containment

So, I was listening to Creflo Dollar the other day and I got some fresh revelation. I’d love to share them with you. Please join me as I share some of the things I got. Enjoy!default

The enemy is going to try to contain you by telling you the truth is not going to set you free… or by continuing in the truth. I feel the devil isn’t scared of letting believers know the truth anymore, he’s not scared of the seed been sown in the life of Christians because he knows that they won’t continue in it. I can picture him sitting in a chair, saying… “Oh, let them know all the truth they want to, I already have them. Tell them how to walk in prosperity and success all you want, tell them how to pay off their debts in the bat of an eyelid, they’re going to be too lazy to do it. They won’t do it past two or three days and even if they do it for a month, I’ll get them the next month”. This is a challenge to you and I. Yes, you can hop and skip and pray in tongues and prophesy all you want, just how long will you keep it up? He’s saying “yea, don’t worry demons, they’ll quit. I give them two months”. And then if you don’t, he’ll throw in some distraction.

I know you probably wouldn’t want to describe yourself as a violent person but let me define according to scripture what violence means. It is an attack or an assault… it is that intensity of motion or action that if kept up it will eventually rearrange and change something because it won’t stop. A good example is water dripping on a stone consistently; eventually it will start wearing it down. Why? It’s because the drip is a violent drip, it keeps on dripping, it’s a consistent drip, it won’t stop, the consistency of the drip is now a force that’s rearranging and changing that stone. So, likewise the violent Christian, he’s not going to confess the word once every two weeks but every time you look around, he keeps saying the same thing. Until, what he’s saying becomes a force and is breaking the opposition ahead of it… it’s the Christian that keeps giving, he just won’t stop. Three months have gone by, ten months have gone by, two years have gone by, he’s now being violent, he’s now getting ready to take something by force… he’s going to give and give until he knocks the wall of containment down… that is VIOLENCE!!! That’s why the devil despise disciples, he despise disciplined ones because we’ve gotten so caught up in this world system, we think that the things of God should only be done on Sunday but the power and the force is demonstrated when it becomes a life and not a religion. When what you do becomes a life, you do it day in and day out, week in and week out, month in and month out, you’re disciplining yourself, you’re renewing your mind. When you do it over and over again, you take it by force.

More so, Jesus had a problem with hypocrisy because the hypocritical Christian can never take by force what belongs to him because it’s not a life. Until, it becomes a life, it will never become a reality. As long as you can do it only at church or when you’re around other Christians or spiritual people, it’s never going to be good enough. If you’re ready to take it by force, it means you’re ready to be violent. We take things by force because we’re violent people. We don’t take a confession once every two weeks, that’s not how to do it. You can’t do anything without consistency; you can’t lose weight without consistency. You can’t go in the weight room and get on the treadmill once in two weeks and show up in front of a mirror to say “I don’t understand why I’m not losing weight” well, it’s because you’re eating consistently and whatever you’re doing consistently, that’s what you’re having. Jesus went to church, read the word, prayed as a custom but we really have a casual attitude about this. If you do what Jesus did, then you’re going to have what Jesus had, if you don’t do what Jesus did, don’t expect to have what Jesus had. And what Jesus did, he did all the time. Sometimes, we let our emotions talk to us “but, I don’t feel like”, “I think I need a break”, “nobody knows what I’m going through”. Truth is, you’re not a feeling, you’re a spirit. Consistency is the key to breakthroughs. Something becomes intense when you keep doing it, and when you think you’ve done it enough, you keep doing it even when you get bored with it, and everyone’s calling you crazy but you keep doing it. Then, the devil comes with the distraction, you still keep doing it, in fact if he’s going to speak to you, you might as well just keep it up a little bit more, just because he said something ought to let you know that what you’re doing is getting to him, he’s becoming uncomfortable with what you’re doing, it ought to let you know that whatever you’re doing is turning into a force. Okay, picture this; if I just got up and slapped you all the time, it doesn’t have to be hard but I keep slapping you, after a while something’s going to get damaged while I’m slapping you. Well, that’s what happening with the devil, every time you stick with the word and every time you stay consistent, you’re slapping him and it’s a force and you’re going to break him down and the oil’s that on you will get on him and he’ll have to lose his grip. He can’t hold back your stuff anymore because you have become violent!!! You don’t have to wait till it comes, you go and take your stuff. Take your money, house, car, promotion. Don’t wait till someone gives you a promotion, make your way prosperous and have good success. Glory to God!!! You’re a child of a king, you are anointed by God, you are blessed, you have the Holy ghost, you have the name of Jesus, you speak with other tongues, angels watch over you all the time, why the hell are you sitting here waiting on something that you can go and take?

The Bible says; “The wealth of the wicked belongs to the righteous”. It means some guy out there has my stuff. I bet the cars and houses are crying and waiting for you and I to get consistent with what we do so we can claim what’s rightfully ours. Scripture says “I’ll give you houses you didn’t build, wells you didn’t dig…” “Errrmmm.. you know what Debbie, I don’t believe in the prosperity message” alright, stay broke, busted and disgusted, stay poor, suffer, live in the worst part of the world, sleep on an empty stomach, wear old and used clothes and then tell me how you want to help somebody because you can’t afford to help anybody, you can’t even help yourself because you don’t believe in anything. You let somebody talk you out of what was already yours. You have hung around the counterfeit and fake so long, you don’t even recognize the authentic and real. You think you were supposed to be poor because the government passed that kind of message across to you. You think you’re supposed to be a poor, ‘humble’ Christian. And in reality, that’s not humility at all. Humility is submitting to God’s will and the will of God is for you to live a life of blessings, abundance, prosperity but you don’t believe that because you think that’s the preacher trying to get your money! You’ve accepted the mediocre, you’ve accepted the average because that’s what the world told you and you wouldn’t read your bible, you’ve accepted it. You’ve gotten so used to being like what they said you’re supposed to be like that you don’t even realize what you’re supposed to be like. They try to shame you into conforming, they say “what kind of Christian are you? You’re too spiritual” you have to tell them “…the right kind.” God wants you to prosper!!! If you don’t come to the place of recognizing this, you’ll tolerate where you are as if you were supposed to be there. As for me, I’m taking everything the devil ever stole from me. I am after him like a cop is after an escape convict… I want my stuff; the Bible says; “if you catch the thief, you’ll make him repay you seven fold.” No longer, will he take my authority through fear, take what I’m supposed to have and I sit back here and conform when God never intended for me to be like that. He said “I am the head and not the tail, I am above only and never again beneath.” The blessings of God has been commanded over my life, I will not live like a poor, good for nothing Christian walking around with a sack over my head. It is time to Arise & Shine!!! You have to decide what you’re going to do because I am going forward! I’m not going to be contained! I’m not going to be going in this wall of containment all my life bumping into this and that, while I sit here and see some demon possessed person with what God intended for me to have and I’m sitting in this wall of containment and I can’t do something for anybody and they’re out there living it up and spending my money on drugs, alcohol and women and I’m trying to build the kingdom up, I AM GOING TO BREAK THIS WALL DOWN!!! I’M COMING OUT!!! I am jumping right now as I type this. I really hope you make up your mind to give the devil a run for his money.

Love, always.

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  • JOY

    Wow! This is the most inspiring piece i have ever read on twitter although hunnie you have to teach me to skip, hop and jump in tongues. Nice one!

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