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12 Steps To Excellence By Matthew Ashimolowo

12 Steps to Excellence by Matthew Ashimolowo

1. Manage your tongue. Speak only life.

2. Be persistent.

a. Persistence is enjoying the distance between the promise and its fulfillment.
b. Persistence means not looking at those who fell, but those who are still standing.
c. Persistence means pursuing with diligence.
d. Persistence means you understand that God is for you. Rom 8:31

3. Ask God for wisdom.

4. Don’t give excuses. Excuses build the house for failure. If your life is going to be great, it is up to you!

5. Decide where you want to be – See the future, and walk in the direction of the future you see.

6. Step out of your comfort zone. Take steps of faith that will bring you out of limitation.

7. See obstacles as opportunity for improvement. Every obstacle introduces you to yourself.

8. Practice the double-win principle. The double-win principle means giving other people the chance to win and excel. It means empowering them to win; it means responding to their needs, and treating them with respect.

9. Commit to continuous learning. Seek knowledge and understanding.

a. Knowledge controls your access to opportunities.
b. Knowledge is not accumulation of facts, but having insight for progress, for excelling and achieving your goals.

10. Have unbroken focus.

11. Commit to a life of principle. Establish a daily discipline.

12. Transform your mind daily. A transformed mind positively affects your self-esteem.

a. True self-esteem comes from seeing yourself the way God sees you.
b. Good self-esteem leads to good self-confidence.
c. Self-confidence makes you believe you can come back when you win or lose. It makes you know you can still rise again.

The above are points from the book, 100% Life Improvement Vol. 2: Maximizing your Life by Matthew Ashimolowo

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