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No force on earth can stop a persistent man going in the direction of his talent! by @Omojuwa – Do Something!
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No Force On Earth Can Stop A Persistent Man Going In The Direction Of His Talent! By @Omojuwa

No force on earth can stop a persistent man going in the direction of his talent! by @Omojuwa

If you are persistent in your area of strength and talent, no force on earth can stop you.

What does it mean to be persistent?

  1. Two definitions. The denotative meaning of Persistence: the 1st definition applies to this conversation.


And now, the applicative meaning: being persistent means you’ll read all the necessary books, meet or try to meet all the necessary people attend all the necessary training sessions, practice to no end, obsess over the dream even while dreaming at night, daydream the future.

It means you will dedicate all your mental, emotional, physical, spiritual, social and everythingcal resources to it.

It means, whatever the dream takes, you will give it, within the confines of the law. You will not take “No” from life, from no human!

Now, the most important essence in persistence is Time. Persistence would not be a word if we didn’t have Time…

If we could achieve our dreams immediately we dreamt it, “persistence” would not have a need to exist…

So, you must have it at the back and front of your mind; you must be patient but don’t wait in patience, work and work and work!

There is something about persistence; one day, the earth and all within it…the forces beyond the planet, they bow to your dreams!

It’d look like that was the day you earned it. But no, the earned it through the journey. The journey is the reward before your reward…

And when that day comes, you will stay earning your privilege to be at the top. If you stop, the forces will return again…

The Sun, the Moon, the Stars, the Universe, the Cosmos and all within it. They bow to certain principles no force on earth can change!

Success is like them too. No force on earth can stop a persistent man or woman going in the direction of his/her skill or talent!

So, on this day, break out! Choose everything that’d lead you to that dream. Discard and relegate all the unnecessary weights!

Let everything you do be intentional. Be strategic about your actions. Mix it all up with persistence. You can’t be stopped! Never, ever!

Culled from @Omojuwa’s timeline.


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