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You can’t do everything now! – Do Something!
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You Can’t Do Everything Now!

You can’t do everything now!

One of the humbling truths you learn as you mature in things of this life is that you can do everything – all things are possible for you; you even can do all things, but you can’t do all things NOW. There is time for everything. A time to study, and a time to work. A time to marry, and a time to stay away from marrying. So basically we can train ourselves to achieve all we want to achieve in this life – and it is good to dream big, but we’ll work ourselves out if we attempt to achieve all things simultaneously. We have to pace ourselves.

So the key therefore is to pick out the most important thing and begin on that very thing, accomplish it, and move on to the next activity or dream of yours. That way, you can build your success step by step – from foundation, block work, wood work, and finishing. We have to learn to live life in stages.

I have been trying to do everything simultaneously so far, is there hope for me?

Certainly there is. A lot of us are in that boat. And this is true for us because of the many potentials we carry and many valid dreams we want to live out. The advantage of this is that, you now know most of the things you can do, and therefore you will never get bored in life. If one fails, you can pick up another and succeed in it. But going forward, it may be wise to stop doing certain things (for now) and engage your energy, time and money into doing those things which will help you build a good foundation. Once you are standing on your two feet, you can then take on more, and more, and more.

Another idea is to try to see how you can merge them, rather than attempting to do them individually or like they say, exclusively. For example, if you have interest in writing, and you may even run a personal blog or lifestyle blog, which you need to maintain, but you are also an engineer and have a great yearning to develop your career in engineering. It may therefore be wiser to see how you can maybe write more about engineering, or even proceed to write scientific articles which will bring you good reputation, and ensure that your years of writing lifestyle or motivational blogs are not wasted. There is always a way of linking the two and using one to complement the other. You must think about it! You are one personality, not two!

Hmm! Me I am still trying to look for a job and you are talking about doing too much! This is certainly not for me.

Well you see, this issue is not only at the implementation stage, it is from the heart – a mindset. You may not yet have settled on what your strong point is and therefore are trying to do everything your hands find to do. When indeed you should be doing ‘whatever’ your hand finds to do with all your heart! You have to focus on one area and pursue self development in that area squarely, until you are able to identify opportunities in that area. Perhaps what you thought to be your strong point isn’t, it may then be time to pick up your passion and turn it into profit.

In any case, don’t be too worried about your future. Settle down and count your blessings from time to time, you find reason to say, Life is good!

Do something:

Make an inventory of your life and activities right now, and identify things you are doing, which is not helping you to keep the main thing the main thing! Work towards rolling back on that thing. I mean, work out an exit plan.

You will make it!

Ike Amadi


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