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17 Tips For A Significant 2017 By Ronke Olajide. 

17 Tips for a Significant 2017 by Ronke Olajide. 

1. Take care of you.
Get serious about taking these vitamins…calcium, vitaminD, vitaminC.
2. Become a careful Christian
Watch and pray, beware of error and mistake, deny the flesh.
3. Go Global.
Pick a continent and visit somewhere you’ve never been before

The world looks very different from someone else’s point of view.
4. Be called a son of God. Seek peace and pursue it. #beatitudes
5. Live an organised life. Take pride in structure.
6. Hold fast to thy ministry. 
Carry the vision and run with it.
7 Capture history. 
Learn to document things. Keep a journal.

8. Create something. 

Get your creativity flowing.
An idea, A business, A product.

9. Love the church.
Build it, Defend it, Protect it.
10. Do something significant.
A reference point that can be identified in years to come.

11. Increase your prayer warfare.

Darkness will reveal itself in the most unlikely forms. #beware

12. Tame an unruly aspect of your life.

The spirit quickeneth, but the flesh profits nothing.

13. Dream big. 

The Future belongs to those who can change it.

14.  Have the right attitude to life. Be joyful, be merry, be happy, be thankful, sing and dance. 

15. Go for good nutrition, not just food.

16. Be a real Christian. Practice what you preach.
To be continued… 

Aderonke Olajide is the founder of Women of the Kingdom Ministries 

Ike Amadi

Author of the book Do Something! I am an advocate of all things #fresh. I want to see you become a #dosomethingperson.

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