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Mercy: A Model of Freshness!

"May the Lord give you Mercy for you have oft refreshed me."

"May the Lord give you Mercy for you have oft refreshed me." 2 Tim 1:16

If I was a singer, I would today compose a new song for you.
If I was a dancer, I would today do a new dance for you.
Since a writer, I am going to attempt to tell the world about the impact your fresh lifestyle has on me.

Indeed, I am the more favoured to have you as a dear friend.

A friend who has awesome qualities.
Qualities worth shouting on the hilltop.
Qualities worth amplifying and magnifying.
Qualities which indeed leave one stupefied.

I will try to do justice to Just Five, seeing that your name is M-E-R-C-Y.

M- Manifold inner strength. Oh how many battles you have fought and still fight! Yet, never will a scar show. You always find reason to laugh and make me laugh. Your story gives me strength to know that tomorrow will be a better day. To that I say, ‘More SteadyGrace!’

E- Efficient. You are efficient. Very efficient. You stand out among your peers. You are truly a do something person. An indefatigable laborer in God’s vineyard. You have ministered and still do minister to the saints. “The Lord is not unjust to forget your labour of love.”

R- Refreshing. Oh “those who refresh others will be refreshed.” For the 3 years I have known you, you have refreshed my life. And not just mine, but every person who has crossed your path. You make me feel at home when within the range of your radiance. No matter how close to the ground my ears are, I can’t still pick up wrong signals of you. Everything about you is fresh. Very fresh. More power to your elbow!

C- Calm. Yes you are calm. If self- control were to be an appropriate nick-name, yours it would be. Your calm disposition to life and living leaves me speechless. How can a person have so much impact on her environment and yet remain noiseless. Smart, yet humble. That reminds me of the ancient quote, ‘Empty vessels make the loudest noise.’ I am inspired to Do Something, noiselessly!

Y – Young at heart. You are young at heart. Your young and innocent spirit is palpable even from a distance. Whenever close by, I always want it to rub off on my person; the testimonies are already visible. Your easy going nature makes business with you an endless quantum of pleasure.

I pray that, in this fresh year you have attained, you will:

M- Maintain a close-knit relationship with God.
E- Experience divine health and Excel in life.
R- Reflect and Radiate God’s Glory.
C- Catch a new vision for your life and ministry.
Y- Yearn to be Ever Fresh!

You have personally touched my life in several inexplicable ways.

Indeed, God has given me Mercy. 2 Tim 1:16.

Have a Fresh Birthday! You deserve a blast!

And Yes, I do love you …and everything about you!

Aha! I forgot to add that you are indeed very very beautiful…with amazing God given features. (Thank God I looked at a picture of yours – woulda missed this all important quality 🙂

Ike Amadi

Author of the book Do Something! I am an advocate of all things #fresh. I want to see you become a #dosomethingperson.

  • Mercy

    This is just too sweet!
    My God!!!
    Lord help me to keep making sense.
    Thank you Mr. Freshness. And yea, i love you too!

  • ike

    You are Much more…and you deserve every word!

    Enjoy your birthday!

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