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A Beloved to his Lover.

To you, my love.
Oh yes, I have missed you like the beloved misses his lover.
The trip was to be longer, I had to cut it short to come find out how you, readers, are faring.
Yes, I couldn’t bear it anymore and had to come find out how you all are doing.
I have been doing quite a lot lately, lots of stories to tell … plenty.

We must however deny ourselves of the writer-reader intimacy until the moon is full again.

Okay, I’ll talk about today.

Woke up at 8:30, went about my daily business, returned at 1pm, and in order to put myself back into school mood – for I have been out of it for a while – I decide to go to the school library. I was really proud of myself for that.

Well, I get back, go again for the evening kill and return quite late – about 10:15. Now I had told myself I was to write about one of the conversations I had, on love, but time wouldn’t permit me to share about that, so another time.

I make a few calls; important calls. I call home; I needed to hear my dad’s voice. Been like forever. I have lately been acting as though I have no time for love, simply because I was trying to ‘keep my eyes on the ball.’

Like I said, I called a few persons who have been helping out with book promotions in Nigeria, some had good news, others not so good news. One of them reminded me to ‘keep my eyes on the ball’; I interpreted it as ‘stay focused’. But I like ‘keep your eyes on the ball’ better. It was easy for the meaning to get straight into my spirit,seeing that soccer is a game I love to play. I wrote it down on a paper and posted it to my wall – my real wall. Yes, the wall in my room. I am like that. Come visit soon and you’ll see lots of quotes that help me to ‘keep my eyes on the ball.’

Anyways, I remember that I have been planning to jog, but have always been putting it off. Today, however, I decided to actually do something about it. I find some trousers, get a sweater, a jacket and off I went. I know it is cold, but ‘He who watches the wind will not sow and he who looks at the clouds will not reap.’

I hit the road. I plan to jog round my vicinity; would take about 20 minutes at jogging speed. That’s about 3 kilometres, I think. Anyways, that’s not important, just wanted to stretch my lower back and pump my muscles a little bit.

Everywhere is quiet; the roads are empty, just a few trams waiting to pick up passengers who weren’t within view. I jog past a few young men, exchange hellos and his and continue. I pass the front of my university; the digital clock displays 23:00. I continue, and just when I was doing the other half, I see another jogger – Andrei he says his name is. We exchange pleasantries. Refreshing to see that you are not alone.

We continue, he changes his route and we do the whole length I planned to do. But then he suggests to do some stretching as that is part of his routine. We continue jogging. Just when we were a minute away from Eric’s school – yes, Eric Okhiria – my friend who is getting married on Saturday – my left leg begins to give me warning signs. I slow down.

We get to the iron installations near Eric’s former university. I’ll call them installations because I am too lazy to think right now. You know, stuff you use to do push ups and pull ups. I wanted to draw them for you to have a pictorial view, but tis late and I plan to finish this write-up before 12 midnight; early rise tomorrow.

Anyways, I am already tired. The metal is cold. Very cold. But dude is inspired and so must I be. He does 11 pull-ups. I know I wouldn’t exceed 7. I try. I do the 11. Great.
He goes to the other one for push ups. He does 15, I didn’t exceed 8. Otlichno (excellent, in English).

We go for the second round. He leads. Andrei is clearly fit.
He insists we do the third round. I didn’t give up, manned up and joined in.
We finish. I leave for home. He leaves for his.

We meet again. Friday.

I enter my room, freshen up a little, pick up my laptop and type this. I didn’t really edit it.

Tis 12 o’clock and I must marry my bed.

Goodnight : )

Ike Amadi

Author of the book Do Something! I am an advocate of all things #fresh. I want to see you become a #dosomethingperson.

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