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A Fresh Meal!

For an individual to stay refreshed, one of the keys is for him to speak in tongues often.

One way to prepare yourself to speak in unknown tongues is by fasting, which makes your spirit light, thus enabling you to blow in tongues that reach the heavens.

Staying in Nigeria, however, has opened my eyes to new truths : )

Usually, I am inclined to be spiritual in the mornings, I am wont to skip meals or demand for none. But you can trust a caring mother who would not let her boy stay, as she likes to say, hungry. ‘Fasting can wait till you get back to Moscow,’ she would add.

So, this morning, I am working on my laptop and I hear ‘Ikechukwu, come and eat while the food is still hot.’ I continue working on my laptop.

Food can wait.

When I remember that the pap might get cold, I rush to the dining table.

My friend would always ask if I enjoyed meals, to which I will answer ‘I think while eating…but not about the food.’ So I never really get to enjoy the meal. I eat and move on.

This morning, however, even though I was in the middle of some very important things online, I focused fully on the meal of fried plantain, fried sweet potatoes, fried eggs, and pap smeared all over with fresh milk.

Oh how I enjoyed the meal… and was refreshed.

And guess what happened next?

I began to speak in new tongues 🙂

I have found another alternative to fasting – fresh meals!

when I shared the good news with my mum, she adds,

‘when next you preach in church about times of refreshing, tell them about the meal too.’

I just told you!


Ike Amadi

Author of the book Do Something! I am an advocate of all things #fresh. I want to see you become a #dosomethingperson.

  • keshi

    LwkmD! I should have that for breakfast tomorrow. I believe it will surely work for me too. :)hehehehe.

  • tomi

    Now I’m hungry 4 dem calories :'(

  • doris

    a good meal makes u healthy, refreshes and nourishes ur body. so u see, when Jesus was saying “I wish above all things that u prosper and be in good health even as ur soul prospers”, He knew what He meant. therefore, all fasting and no good meal, makes u an unhealthy believer.

    wait a minute! that meal of yours makes a lot sense u know? it will be good for a sister like me. don’t u think so? cheers

    • ike Amadi

      I totally agree.

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