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The A, B, C, D of Jesus!

Learn Jesus!

Now this is so cool a project. I am inspired.

The idea is two word phrases for Jesus. And the interesting thing is: the first word has to be an action word – A verb! Something doable. Now imagine doing so with the letters of the Alphabets. Fun eh!

I’ll start and update the posts from time to time. Would be more fun if we did it together, so if you think you have a better verb for the letter, and can even go ahead to suggest a verse of the Bible for it, I’ll strike mine off and replace it with yours. Deal? Deal!

I’ll finally write/do a song for this project – I have a lot of musical friends who would love to lend their voice as well : )

So let’s go!

A- Announce Jesus
B- Believe Jesus
C- Cherish Jesus
D- Desire Jesus
E- Enjoy Jesus
F- Follow Jesus
G- Get Jesus
H- Hallow Jesus
I- Involve Jesus
J – Jubilate Jesus
K- kiss Jesus
L- Learn Jesus
M- Magnify Jesus
N- Narrate Jesus
O- Obey Jesus.
P- Preach Jesus!
Q- Quote Jesus!
R- Represent Jesus!
S- Seek Jesus!
T- Teach Jesus!
U- Use Jesus!
V- Value Jesus.
W- Worship Jesus!
X- Xerox Jesus
Y- Yarn Jesus
Z- Zoom Jesus!

Thanks to everyone who contributed, God bless you!

This project wouldn’t have worked without you.

So since my name is Ike Amadi, I must I- Involve Jesus, A- Announce Jesus and my middle name, Paul- P- Preach Jesus!


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Ike Amadi

Author of the book Do Something! I am an advocate of all things #fresh. I want to see you become a #dosomethingperson.

  • J- Jubilate Jesus!

    • Totally fresh!! : ) Jubilate Jesus…who would have known Jubilate is a verb : )

  • M- Magnify Jesus!

  • Mercy

    D- Desire Jesus.

  • Abi

    Awesome, just awesome. Love it!

    • Thanks, Abi…But you must suggest a letter at least : )

  • N, Narrate Jesus!

    • Very fresh. I’ll update with this. Liz, your contribution must make the winning list : )


  • A
    Attribute Jesus
    Articulate Jesus
    Advertise Jesus
    Advocate Jesus
    Buzz Jesus
    Bless Jesus
    Chase Jesus
    Clothe Jesus
    Discover Jesus
    Deliver Jesus
    Dance Jesus
    Embed Jesus
    Extol Jesus
    Embrace Jesus
    Eat Jesus
    Find Jesus
    Feel Jesus
    Fly Jesus
    Glamorize Jesus
    Gain Jesus
    Give Jesus
    Honour Jesus
    Hold Jesus
    Hug jesus
    Input Jesus
    Impress Jesus
    Inform Jesus
    Join Jesus
    Keep Jesus
    Know Jesus
    Love Jesus
    Live Jesus

    I’ll finish up before bed…..

    • Eat Jesus. Chei. Fresh. Bless you, Bro.

      • Shebi “he that eateth my flesh and drinketh my blood……” lol…
        Trust me, bro…. I was really tempted to start coining verbs o! Good day today?

      • Imoh Inwang

        Another quickie…..

        Master Jesus
        Mind Jesus
        Muse Jesus
        Notify Jesus
        Near Jesus
        Notice Jesus
        Need Jesus
        Ooze Jesus
        Oblige Jesus
        Observe Jesus
        Operate Jesus
        Orate Jesus
        Pamper Jesus
        Page jesus
        Purchase Jesus
        Publish Jesus
        Publicise Jesus
        Put Jesus
        Question Jesus
        Quiz Jesus
        Quest jesus
        Rain Jesus
        Rap Jesus


        • Fresh. God bless your commitment. Quiz Jesus!

  • Azu

    A – Advertise Jesus
    B- broadcast Jesus
    C- celebrate Jesus
    D- desire Jesus
    E- emulate Jesus
    F- fear Jesus
    G- give Jesus
    H- hail Jesus
    I- invoke Jesus
    J- join Jesus
    K- know Jesus
    L- lift Jesus
    M- meet Jesus
    N- note Jesus
    O- ordain Jesus
    P- praise Jesus
    Q- quip Jesus
    R- reverence Jesus
    S- shout Jesus
    T- touch Jesus
    U- up Jesus
    V- venerate Jesus
    W- write Jesus
    X- xray Jesus
    Y- yell Jesus
    Z- zone Jesus

    That was fun

    • Very fresh. Thanks. Broadcast Jesus!

  • Imoh Inwang

    Awww! Azu… I love yours plenty plenty…..
    God bless you plenty plenty jor!

    • Azu

      Thank you very very much, jor

  • @oluwakempex

    A – Adore Jesus B- Bless Jesus C- Commit Jesus, Call Jesus Cheer Jesus. D- Demonstrate Jesus E- Exalt Jesus F- Flaunt Jesus G- Glorify Jesus H- Hallow Jesus I-Inform Jesus J L-Laud Jesus M-Meditate on Jesus O- Offer Jesus P-Promote Jesus, Portray Jesus R- Regard Jesus S-Symbolize Jesus T- Think Jesus, Talk Jesus, Testify Jesus U- Understand Jesus V-Value Jesus, Validate Jesus,W-Worship Jesus, X- X-ray Jesus, Y-Yell Jesus, Z.

    This is really thought provoking 🙂

    • LOL. Yes it is, where is the ‘J and K’ : )

      I like Symbolize Jesus!

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