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Are You Thirsty? – Do Something!
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Are You Thirsty?

A wonderful message by Pastor W.F. Kumuyi, Provision for the thirsty. Mt 5:6. I was really blessed and said to share. Study and be blessed!

Christ teaches us so that we can:
• Be Transformed Romans 12:2
• Go and tell. Mk 5:18. Soul winning. We need to do something. We need to win souls.
• Testify of His goodness
• Talk to others. If you cannot testify, just talk about the goodness of the Lord. See a younger person and talk to someone about the goodness of the Lord. Psalm 119:27. Not gossip, but Bible.
• Turn people from darkness to light and from the power of satan to the power of God.
• Teach others. When you teach another person you are learning more. A teacher is a double learner. He learns first and because he is committed to the teaching of the scriptures, he learns all over again.
• Train others. Mobilize others so they too can be involved in ministry. 2 Tim 2:2

1. The Great Passion of the Thirsty. Mt 5:6
Thirst affects your subconscious.
Thirst makes you forget everything you have. Judges 15:18-19
It may be that you are thinking about marriage; all your dreams will be one about marriage.
In the same way, our singular hunger and desire should be after righteousness.
Isaiah 29:8 – Some think they are possessed with demons when they eat in their sleep. It is a lie. They are just simply hungry.
Luke 15:17: The thirst will make you to take action. If you really desire something, it will push you into action. Passion will result in pursuit!
Are you thirsty for souls? Are you thirsty to have fruits in Christ?
A lot of us are just in church, enjoying the Church, without passion to do something for God.
When you are really hungry, you want to do what you are hungry for. Psalm 42:1-2
God assures us that if you have that passion, you shall be filled!
How can I be thirsty?
If you find that you are not drinking water, you need to make yourself thirsty by taking some salted food.
If you are not a passionate Christian, you need to compare your spiritual life with the lives of people in the Bible: Enoch, Elijah, John the Beloved and those who have gone before you, see how they knew the Word of God, and you feel your desolation. And that will make you thirsty.
When you meditate on the things of old, how the Lord used you, you will thirst! Ps 42:5

2. God’s Promise to the Thirsty. Mt. 5:6
Even if you didn’t thirst yesterday, thirst today and you will be blessed.
Sometimes we waste time bordering about the mistakes of yesterday, and worrying about tomorrow. Just go to God ask for forgiveness and move on!
Isaiah 44:3; 41:17; Isaiah 48:8; 45:8;
God is promising a river of visible righteousness.

3. Gracious provision for the thirsty. Mt 5:6
Mt 6:33: We must strive to be at the center of the will of God. For when we do that, doors open for us!
We must therefore:
1. Pursue righteousness. 1 Tim 6:11. You wake up in the morning, praying God to keep you righteous every day of your life.
2. Pray for righteousness. Hosea 10:12 don’t be satisfied with a little righteousness.
3. Possess righteousness. Titus 2:11-12; make sure the Lord gives it to you.
4. Practice righteousness. 1 John 2:29- No need possessing something you do not practice! 1 John 3:7-8. Righteousness is done. You do righteousness.
5. Protect righteousness. In your family, church, protect righteousness. Psalm 106:28-31. The people of Israel on their way to Canaan joined themselves with the enemies of God, causing them to sin, and making God turn His eyes from them. We must protect our people from sin!
6. Preserve righteousness. Isaiah 32: 15 | Passing righteousness from generation to generation, from husband and wife to children. From church leaders to new converts. And righteousness is flowing like a river in our midst and remains. Wow!
7. Preach righteousness. You are taught to teach other people. 2 Peter 2:5; Dan 12:3

When the righteousness comes, you’ll feel it in every part of your life. You begin to tell others how God saved you from sin and how that you cannot say the things you used to say.
Show me two righteous people, what are they talking about? About righteousness!
Make the main thing the main thing.
Make righteousness the main thing.


Some of us who are thirsty are reading through the Old Testament, we are currently in Deuteronomy. Please Join us. Check here for more details.

Ike Amadi

Author of the book Do Something! I am an advocate of all things #fresh. I want to see you become a #dosomethingperson.

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  1. hmmm… Learnt stuffs. A lot!

    A martial art saying goes thus… “I’m a student that learns and a teacher who
    teaches…” it’s a cyclic something. As learning never stops, teaching shouldn’t too.

    God bless you bro :)). Amen

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