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Be Quick To Bless!

Be quick to bless.

Be quick to encourage.

Be very quick to say a kind Word.  

I am usually very active and full of life wherever I go. But this very Tuesday, I wasn’t. I wanted to be calm. Well, it really wasn’t because I so wanted, I had to. My left eye was hurting, hurting really badly. I didn’t want to go to the fellowship meeting that very Tuesday. When, however, one of the younger boys in my university expressed hesitation to go to the fellowship meeting – which was an hour away from where we live – alone, I decided to join in. Of course I knew there wouldn’t be any tangible reason to make me miss the fellowship meeting.
Apart from my hurting eye, I had a conference where I was to speak that weekend. I had felt I needed to spend time alone with God, so I wasn’t really happy I had to go out of my room.

Now here I was, not in the best of spirits yet moving on. Just like the children of Israel who were, “faint, yet pursuing.”

I got to the venue picked a seat and sat quite calmly throughout the meeting. There was no ginger from my end. No ‘Hallelujah,’ no ‘Amen’

The meeting ended and we all headed home to our various universities. I slept with the pain. I prayed that the pain left and believed it would. But I also knew the right thing to do was to see the doctor.

Finally, I made up my mind to go to the doctor’s on Wednesday morning. On my way home, I observed a text:

“Hi Ike, how are you doing? Hope all is well? You didn’t seem to be very well yesterday.God is your strength. Have a great day.”

On reading that, I smiled. That was love; not just love with a heart only, but love with a hand: A hand that reached out to others. It wasn’t just love with a hand; it was love with a voice: a voice that ministers strength to the hurting; a voice that was ready to lift the broken-hearted.

I was sincerely blessed, and immediately energized. It is possible that someone else observed but didn’t say a word about it. This sister voiced out blessings on me.

There might be those of us who appear strong, or are always in the fore-front, we also need that prayer, that word of encouragement, that gentle assurance that someone cares, and cares enough to voice out. No wonder Paul asked that prayers be said for people in authority and leaders alike. He knew the efficacy of such. Jesus himself, after the woman with the issue of blood touched him, said, “Virtue has gone out of me.” We too need encouragement.
Recently, I have been surrounded with so much encouragement. I mean, people who check in to see that I am genuinely encouraged. They understand that one can run out of oil, and ensure that the oil on my life never dries. To these, I am deeply grateful.
One lady whose name I will not mention has been of tremendous help. I actually call her, “My new blessing.” She has made sure that I am aware of any new development in the spiritual realm, would call in specifically to pour blessings on my life. In fact, due to the impact of the blessings released on my life through that faithful channel, I decided to write this series. I saw the importance of the blessing.

I did not stop at writing, I started doing. I started calling my family members and those close to me,  in order to bless them.

She never called to discuss the latest movie or the scores of a football game; rather she called to bless me. She called to remind me of how blessed I am, of how much the Lord loves me and very much wants to use me to touch lives.

Every Christian is fighting a hard battle, every encouragement is useful. At work, on the internet, anywhere and everywhere, let our mouths be full of blessings.

Let no day pass without saying a kind and encouraging word to someone.

A simple, “God bless you,” could make a tangible difference in someone’s life.

I’ll lead by example,

God bless you!

Ike AmadI

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Ike Amadi

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  • Glassyd

    God bless you Ike Amadi!

  • You know Ike I feel like ypou stole my heart’s content on this matter.
    This is true, For those of us who seem lively and all everytime, people just keep taking and taking and never giving back to us if you get my point.
    Even the super sanguine has a few mel moments and would need a pep talk from a human too in addition to the Holy Spirit.
    I can imagine that Pastors go throught this a lot too. Everyone draws from them. No one stops to say ‘How are you Sir, How was your week ma? I noticed you seemed a bit tired’ haba!!! I do that a lot to my pastors. And when I say ;How are you, I make sure to let them know that I do not mean that ‘How are you?’ for asking sake. I ask for details too. We gotta look out for each other men… Ministry is Military. The way the military men look out for themselves is the way we ought to too.
    Our God will help, amen
    FABtastic as usual. Where did they get you from? I want my son from there too, even better

    • Haha. Ministry is military. Go general! Very freshly put. Your soon will be ten times better! Just make sure he reads the Word. Lol. Thanks, Nne, for reading and leaving a comment. Makes me wanna write my heart our for my next piece.

      Like I said, I’m praying for you. You must shine on. And shine you must.

      I’m rooting for you, and as David never lost a battle, so will your walk with God be!

  • Looooool
    Go General E indeed!!!
    What else will my one and only son read again now?
    Prayers needed jare
    Thanks my dear

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