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#conversations: Abuja to Ogun State? Yes!

20130823-015635.jpg 5:00am and I was up and thinking if this trip could be canceled. I truly did not want to travel by road.”Why not fly?” you might ask. Well, I could have but I also wanted to experience travel by road, as well as the various cultures of Nigerians as it unfolds across my travel spectrum and so travel by road I did. I boarded the bus, it finally got filled up and we set out.

I observed as we progressed that the roads were a lot better than I rememberd and that there was so much undeveloped land on the left and on the right side of the road, fresh virgin lands. I had always wondered if there would still be lands by the time I’d be ready to build my SteadyGrace Mansions.
Indeed, there was plenty.

Driving through Kogi State, I thought there was not to be any life in the place except for the universities situated to the left and to the right. But Okene proved me wrong. Immediately a sign board showed Okene, it was as though a city was born. Okene truly was alive. I enjoyed Okene. And we moved on.

My lay-over was in Iperu. Such a peaceful location. Everyone there was friendly. Very friendly. The true Nigerian spirit that I love A few modern houses here and there. I’ll sure love to write a book in this cool town.
My sister called me after I had arrived at the peaceful town of Iperu; and I, with excitement narrated my experience on the journey, highlighting how vast the Nigerian landscape is. Mehn, Nigeria is huge! And then she said to me the following ,

“Do not take for granted your ability to see good where others see chaos. When we as Christians begin to see things as natural men see them, then there is a problem. This ability to see possibility where others see problems is referred to as the Joshua-Caleb anointing.” Whilst the ‘ten’ saw the giants, Joshua and Caleb saw possibility by the grace that God offered. The Holy Spirit is our Comparative Advantage and the insight we get from our relationship with the Holy Spirit enables us see beyond the normal.
She went ahead to talk about a German friend who, on coming to Nigeria has refused to go back because of the numerous opportunities he sees and continues to successfully pursue in Nigeria. He daily smiles to the bank.

Lagos. Lekki was exceptionally fresh. I hear Banana Island is even fresher. We’ll see.

I am not in a hurry to leave Nigeria. There must be something for me in this country.
I choose to see Fresh!

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Ike Amadi

Author of the book Do Something! I am an advocate of all things #fresh. I want to see you become a #dosomethingperson.

  • Very Fresh! The Holy Spirit is truly our comparative advantage.
    Thanks for sharing.

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