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#ConversationsWithMySister: The Reason We Are Weak – Do Something!
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#ConversationsWithMySister: The Reason We Are Weak


The Muslims and their devotion has always reminded me of the lackadaisical attitude we Christians have. They have hours of prayer, you need to see them religiously adhere. The early apostles had hours of prayer too, If only we could approach God with some order and more discipline. I am guilty myself, sometimes I over sleep through my morning devotion time but I imagine how it would be if I could honor God with devotion to a particular time of prayer and communication with God.

Truth is that we are unwilling to pay the price and oftentimes we hide under grace. Truly, we say to ourselves, God understands that I am tired, or I didn’t get enough sleep and we end up being lily livered Christians with no power. God accompanies His word with signs and wonders following, but is the word alive in us? Have we given ourselves to the word? The apostles waited in the upper room! That was active sacrifice, they had times of prayer, and they gave themselves to the word. “Ye shall receive power after the Holy Ghost comes.” they actively waited until the Holy Ghost came. Those men didn’t only receive the Holy Spirit, that’s where we often stop. They were filled. After a glass is filled, it overflows…that’s why their shadows and handkerchiefs became elements. The anointing was tangible, it flowed out.

Let me give an illustration. You know the devil is a copycat yes? So whatever he does he has founded on God’s original seeing that he is not a creator. So when you see the Ifa priest give standard instructions and have people observe them to the letter, that’s what God expects from us. If a priest tells a woman not to eat for days and to walk to a junction at a particular time and not speak to anyone on the way et al. She will be so careful to obey and not fail by a second. Why don’t we have that measure of respect and fear for God? We are the way we are because He is merciful. So what do we do? We stay at the fringe and we become sons but without power. We bear His name without His authority. It comes back to my two son’s illustration: One knows the father’s power and walks in it; the other one just bears his father’s name. He depends on his dad for provision and sustenance, and yes, His surname opens doors. He is content with having all he needs for himself. He has no responsibility towards the posterity of his father or his father’s business. He does not know his father’s mind; hence he has no idea of his authority and thus cannot walk in it.

The price to pay, to me, is to build a relationship with God and that’s not moi moi. My pastor said he prays 3 hours minimum every day with a group of men. That’s a price…not to bribe God but it’s like sitting at His feet to decode His secrets. If I want God’s power, yes, I must find God and relate with him. When the disciples were in the upper room, do you think they ate? Hmm…this is serious food for thought. God’s power is available, but there is no body to take it up. No Evan Roberts, or Smith Wigglesworth type; all we want is the benefits.

Those guys like George Mueller spent time with God in secret before the heavens opened. Now, it’s only the miracles we see…we don’t see what’s behind the miracles, the fervent, effective prayer. If Jesus prayed till his sweat became as thick as blood, why won’t we? We want the riches of the gentiles? You wonder why riches aren’t in the hands of Christians, simple, we aren’t paying the price. The average Nigerian business man is often hands and neck deep in rituals and devil worship, and has signed on to many funny covenants. However, the gospel business man is sleeping when he can pull down heaven by prevailing on his knees. He’s just comfortable with bearing the name Christian and the by-the-side privileges. The real ‘koko’, which is the treasures in dark places and the inheritance of saints in light, he doesn’t have.

God is alive and He is just as powerful. However, many times, we exempt ourselves from God’s power because our Christianity is self-serving, comfortable and weak. That’s how I feel. God won’t give power to untested sons to misuse. He will train us through the storms to ensure we are worthy to drink of the cup. I really want to repent at this point. We are all guilty. Do we think we can shift the paradigms by just playing gospel music? There is a god of this world and we need to battle, there are principalities and powers over cities and territories that we need to overcome. There is the spirit of Amalek that is constantly warring against us as the Israel of God. We are in battle mode yet like David, we stay home resting. Sin is therefore at the door! God is shifting my mind: seeking first the kingdom is seeking God and if we seek Him, His battles become ours. When we win, the earth has to respond. We want power without sacrifice; and the grace gospel without the spirit to guide us will leave a generation of flaky, powerless believers.

The disciples had grace too but there was a sense of discipline and urgency to their lives. They were regimented but led, fluid but focused. They had but one goal; as individuals and as a corporate body, to put Jesus’ name out there. Yes, there were business people like Lydia, but see the testimony of Lydia, she too was focused on financing the kingdom so the apostles could take the word out. The truth is living by the word is our life.

Yes, Jesus died already, so I am not asking for our physical effort so save ourselves, we don’t have to suffer but we must sit at His feet and hear Him. To do that, we must kill the flesh to be on the frequency where our ears are tuned to God per second and actually hear what He says. Let’s start with the crazy desire to represent God, to pay the price.

Yes, we will receive grace to run and work for God, but we need to start from a place where we see our errors to start. There are people who see angels, people who touch God constantly I want to be one of those. I want to be so filled with the spirit that I walk on water literally and the prince of this world has nothing in me….the only price is the word and prayers. Not the bible under the pillow and some soppy prayers said in tradition.

#Backtoprayerandtheword #Backtopower let demons know our names & be afraid when we stand to pray. Let the earth’s elements obey us as they obeyed Elijah. He was a man of like passion. How did he have so much power with God? He didn’t ask God for permission to command rain to cease. He said it and God backed him up.

For the Welsh revival, Evan Roberts prayed for years and years before the revival burst out. The level of sin and corruption in the world and in the church should send us to the secret place praying for more of God in our lives so we can lift Jesus up, stand as SONS, represent God and present the gospel of the kingdom.


Father, for grace to birth all that you have for us. The contractions are closer and closer, we sense there is something to birth…O for strength to birth. Give us grace to be radical in our Christianity.

That was it today on Conversations with my sister. God bless you.


Ike Amadi

Author of the book Do Something! I am an advocate of all things #fresh. I want to see you become a #dosomethingperson.

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