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Do Something Significant: You Only Need To Know What To Do Next. 


I had to scroll through 700 Mike Murdock wisdom keys to locate this very wisdom key – The only thing you will ever need to know is what to do next. 

That’s wisdom key number 319 by the way, if you’re checking from Murdock’s 1001 wisdom keys. I started searching from wisdom key number 1001.

The only thing you will ever need to know is what to do next. – Mike Murdock 

And indeed it is so. That is the simple secret of planning; asking, And what next? It will save you from making many a wrong decision, and help you think clearly because you actually think through.
A senior friend I met in the US shared his story with me. He had visited the US to write an exam that will qualify him to work for a pharmaceutical company (this was around 1996). The friends he met there advised him to marry a woman, you know, to get the citizenship; but then, he wondered, after marrying her what next?  Meanwhile he had a lady he was seeing in Nigeria then. He also looked at the lives of those around him and saw that they weren’t doing much. He then understood that the best thing to do was to study hard, pass that exam, get the job and enjoy his life ever after.
And that was exactly what he did. He studied night and day, took the exam, returned to South Africa where he was living and working at the time. After 3 months, he got called up that he should come resume his position, and the rest is good story for the inspirational books.

Well that’s it. Is there an opportunity before you? Ask, What’s next after that? and after that too? And keep asking what’s next till you’re happy with where you’re going.
Are you in school? What’s next after that?

Are you about to get married?  What’s next after that?

What’s next after your kids graduate school?
This my dear is the secret of planning – knowing what to do next!
May God help us realize our potentials in Jesus name.
You and I will never lack direction in life. We’ll know exactly what to do next to bring us to the place God has destined for us in Jesus name!

And two things Matthew Ashimolowo says about planning:

Preparation is the activity of putting or setting in order or in advance, an act, or a purpose or a program.

Planning is thinking a matter through so that the approach reflects a prior understanding of what is to be achieved before it is carried out.
You shall end well.
Ike Amadi

P.s. Happy birthday to one of our most consistent readers, @soetanmelodies. Live long and prosper. 

Ike Amadi

Author of the book Do Something! I am an advocate of all things #fresh. I want to see you become a #dosomethingperson.

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