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Do you fear God?

This week has been a really packed one for me. School work is currently at its peak for me. I just can’t wait to get a break from all of this running around. So, it was on Monday, I was on the phone with a friend, one with whom I had not spoken with for some time, and we were just catching up on old times and sharing current experiences – okay, she was telling me hers, don’t think I said much to be sincere. But that’s not the point, so we were just talking and she asked a question. She said someone asked her the question earlier in the day and from her tone I sensed that she was a bit concerned.

Truly, I cannot claim that I wasn’t caught off-guard on this one. She asked, “Do you think I will go to heaven despite the fact that I wear trousers?” Aha! you see, you seem a bit surprised too right? Well, so was I. I tried to asked her what prompted the question but she seemed only concerned about the answer. I tried to buy time but she started getting impatient so I knew I had to deal with it and say something.

Here I’d like to say that although in retrospect, I’m not so proud of the path I took, I think it was the safest considering my unpreparedness. I chose to be diplomatic.

But later that night, I kept thinking about the whole issue and even in my mind a still couldn’t reach a conclusion. It still remains controversial to me. The more I pondered, the more complex it got.

Then I gave up and asked God to please tell me something because it was beginning to worry me. And He did tell me things. I realized that I am not, and will never be, in a position to decide who gets to Heaven or not. It’s His decision. The Holy Spirit also made me to understand that the “sin” might not necessarily be in the “wearing”, It often times lie in the reason for “wearing”.

I find that God is so interested in our hearts a lot more than we imagine. And since our actions reflect the state of our hearts, it sometimes tend to mislead us in thinking it’s just the mere action that is judged whereas God is looking beyond. He sees what we cannot see-the heart.

I remember asking my friend why she wore trousers, she told me she felt “comfortable” in it. Then I tried to analyze what “comfortable” could have meant. Does it mean being accepted by people? Being fashionable and perhaps, classy? Don’t you feel “sexy” in it? The point is, that is a pretty selfish reason. Very few people consider what effects their actions may have on others.

Now, I’d like to state very CLEARLY here that I’m not out to start any kind of debate whatsoever. I just found it interesting and worth the sharing. I still maintain my stand of being diplomatic. I will not be drawn to commit myself to any decision. However, I’d encourage us all (guys and girls alike) to carefully examine the motives for our actions and the decisions we take. Let godly fear be in our hearts and let it be as a guide for us at all times.

Happy new month friends !!

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