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Don’t Come, Summer!

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After four wintry months, we see the fair shadow of summer from a distance.

The cold nights were not easy to maneuver. Some nights you woke up to double your socks, other nights to take a desperate cup of tea to keep warm. The streets were no different as one had to dress in a not-so-enviable fashion to fight the cold.

It is natural that everybody who has lived through winter will be happy with the advent of spring – the junior equally beautiful sister of miss Summer; but not so with me.

There were a lot of things I should have done in winter, letters I should have typed, books I had planned to write that I didn’t do, for whatever untenable reason.
This is why every bright morning of spring tells me that the end of this stage of my life is fast approaching. I am soon to leave the comfort of being ‘a student’ and enter the real world which is not a respecter of persons. Interestingly, I am not yet fully prepared to face my summer, as there is so much I still have to do.

Thing is, whether I like for my summer to come or not, it is coming. It will come; and so, the earlier I stopped dawdling and started doing, the much better for me and my family.

Hence, I have decided to quit complaining and get to the drawing board to start realizing my plans and releasing my potential, such that when summer comes and everyone is partying and relaxing, I too will party, enjoy and share the winter stories.

A true definition of summer and winter for some of us who have not experienced the woes of Mr. Winter and the attendant joys of Miss Summer would at this point be needful.

Your winter could be your student days, as one day, that cloak of studenthood will be forcefully removed from you. Or for many, your singleness could be your winter – days you lie waiting for that man or woman of your dreams. Your winter could also refer to your days of job hunting. Or for the married, days when you wait, expectant for the many kids God will give you.

Whatever your winter is, be assured that it will surely come to an end, and will usher you into a new season: a season when what you did in your winter will come in full view of all and sundry.

What better way to prepare for summer than to pray, study the word to increase your faith, and to do all the necessary things you are expected to do in winter.

Good news is, there is spring. If you wasted your winter, make sure to maximize spring so that summer will not meet you unprepared. Isolate all you need to do, focus, and start doing it!

Summer will meet me prepared!


Ike Amadi

Author of the book Do Something! I am an advocate of all things #fresh. I want to see you become a #dosomethingperson.

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