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Finding The Right Words

I asked my best friend, who is an excellent singer and songwriter, a question this morning.

‘Do you rewrite pieces?’

‘What do you mean by rewrite?’ She wondered.

‘Like when you see something isn’t right, Or when your editor (if any) tells you something is off. Well, in your case, songs,’ I explained further.

‘Oh, of course,’ she started, and added, ‘all the time.’

All the time?

‘I’ve written like 5 different versions of a song before, until it feels right.’

‘I hate to rewrite pieces.’

‘Why do you hate it?’

‘If I don’t get it the first time, I assume it’s not meant to be written.’

‘No no. Because it’s often in the rewriting that you find something beautiful. If anything it should motivate you. If the first try doesn’t work, doesn’t mean it’s not meant to be written. It’s just waiting for you to find the right words.’

That was how she put it: finding the right words.

Finding the right words to express your thoughts.
Finding the right words to put forth your imagination to the world.

Why is it necessary to find the right words?

You might have the right thoughts, but not the right words. But it is not your thoughts that is seen, nor heard, but your words.

If the words are not right, it would take a miracle for them to make a difference in the lives of your readers.

Likewise actions. Doing the right thing is very important. You might not have been doing the right things, which is why things appear not to be working.
But would you stop?
No way!

You must keep revising, keep doing, keep editing, until you have that eureka moment, when you know that you know that you have found the right words. The right actions. Thus producing the right results.

We will not stop until we have found the right words.

Cheers to finding the right words.

Ike Amadi
Do Something! Team.

Ike Amadi

Author of the book Do Something! I am an advocate of all things #fresh. I want to see you become a #dosomethingperson.

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