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Fresh Gala!

Ever broken a driving rule? I have.

Last year, I had trouble moving around town in Nigeria. This was because I didn’t really know the roads in Abuja. The ones I knew, I had forgotten as so many changes have been effected ever since. And you know that comes with some package: You get to pay heavily to cab around.

This year, I decided to do something different.

Now, I have a lot of things doing in town and as such will have to go into town a lot. My elder brother, who has hitherto been my chauffeur, has been busy driving his own car, and at such I was at the mercy of my driving skills.

Good thing though, I have a good phone. The money paid for the phone wasn’t a waste after all. It paid off. The big screen of the Samsung Note was useful for my map. And the GPS helped me navigate to my required location.

Just when I was to cross a crossroads, after which I was to begin my celebrations, I jump the traffic light. I claimed I didn’t see it. I actually didn’t see it. Or maybe I didn’t expect it to work as most didn’t. In the end, I got booked and you know the rest of the story.

That blurred my first major driving experience. I braced up and never told anybody about it – especially my family.
On my way back, however, I was careful to watch the light. Everything went fine.

When I was to make the last turn which will see me safely home, I was stuck in traffic. Now the traffic is an avenue for hawkers to market their trade. I am sure heavy traffic, to them, would seem a very good business day. And while we prayed the road be free, they must have asked the good Lord to please bless them with traffic. On that day, their prayers seem to have been answered.

As I glanced on the apples, I remembered that my mum loves apples. The moment I took my eyes of the road and onto the apples, I didn’t know when I took of my right leg from the brake pad. I hit the guy in front.

The man switched off his car, and I switched mine off too. I was confused. Not again, I thought aloud. The apple seller, observing that I was flustered, calmed me down by saying, ‘Oga, nothing happen. The man car dey ok.’ That brought joy to me. Too bad, I didn’t risk getting those apples again.

Now just imagine my reaction when on returning today and getting to the same spot, I heard a hawker say, ‘Fresh gala….’

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Ike Amadi

Author of the book Do Something! I am an advocate of all things #fresh. I want to see you become a #dosomethingperson.

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