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Guidelines for the RCCG 100 Days Fast.

Daddy GO, Pastor E.A Adeboye speaking:

18 years ago, God called us out to fast for 100 days. Some of us did, some didn’t. Those who did, when results came, they thanked God that they did. When those who didnt do it had to do their own, it was in the midst of crisis. So I hope you’ll do your own gentlys so you can get your reward.

100 days beginning from the 2nd of January and ending on the 11th of April.


You’ll be breaking at 6pm everyday. For everyday you miss, you must supplement it with 2 days. So if you start and then you miss one day, if everybody ends on the 11th, you’ll continue on the 13th.

If you are able to do 7 days continuous not breaking at all in the evening, then the 7 days will be credited to you as if it were 14 single days.

If you are able to do 21 days continuously, the 21 days will be counted as if they were 63 days of singles.

If you are able to do 30 days and 30 nights continuously, that will take care of everything.

Now are there exceptions?

Yes, 2.

1) Those who are just married. *Crowd rejoices* Because the bible says in the time of war newly weds are to be exempted.
2) Those who are over 70 years old. They will pray the prayer, but they don’t have to do the fasting.
For those of you who think the clause exists because I am over 70, make no mistake, I will do everything, singles, 30 days, even extra.

Somebody is asking: Can I drink water between the morning and the 6 o’clock?
Sure. Provided you don’t add garri!

For those who are abroad?
Can we drink tea? Sure. Provided you don’t add biscuit.

The first two days might appear difficult, but after that you’ll begin to enjoy it.

Why are we fasting?

Because the destiny of many people will be determined this year. There’ll be dramatic changes in destiny. It is a very very powerful year indeed, and you want to get the most out of it.

When we were called out 18 years ago to fast for 100 days, there were other Christian organisations who were laughing with us. I am looking forward to seeing you on Friday, when you’ll hear a little more about laughing last. Because there is someone here tonight who’s going to laugh last.

God bless the RCCG.

Key in and be blessed!

Transcribed by the DO Something Team!


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