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#Happenings: It’s time to call Keshia!

I had come back from church, after having done two services. Tired? Yes. Hungry? Yes. I decide to rest for a minute before I head to the kitchen to cook some chicken soup. Have I told you the miracles chicken soup does to me? I will, soon.
I remember that I have some rice in the refrigerator. I head for it, it is still fresh. A food for one. Thank God. I put it in the microwave. As I sit to take the first few spoons, my friend with whom I decide to share the meal mentions keshia Asiedu’s name (Keshia is one of the members of our Church and fellowship group. She served with me in leadership at one time too). My friend hasn’t seen her in a while. I second that thought. Immediately, I reach out for my phone, for to call Keshia and ask how she is doing, and why we haven’t been seeing her around. ‘Where is my phone?’ I couldn’t find it. Ah! Not again. I have been missing alot of things recently. This one was not to get missing again. I call the phone, in order to listen to the vibration. Nothing. Trouble.
I decide to go back to church! My Lord! Thankfully, I live 15 minutes away from church. I head back to the church. Luckily, there are still a couple of people hanging around after the Russian service. One of them is so kind as to accompany me to search for the phone – on the seats were I sat during the various services. Nothing. We check the ‘lost and found’ item container, still nothing.
Dissapointed, I head for my house. Another group is already set to use the same hall we rent for the service.
On my way home, I ask myself several questions. Why was I careless? What is happening? Why am I losing things? But I pay my tithe and give my offering. Why? Why? Why? No answer.
While home, I start working out how I will cope with my missing phone. It is not a big phone, but the contacts – big contacts. This is the phone I use for my bank transactions, and every other official engagements. I decide I’ll send a mail to all those I have a working relationship with to warn them of my missing phone in order to avert any unforeseen maladies.

After an hour at home, I act as though all is well. ‘The phone will come,’ I tell myself. But no way; my mind was still on my missing phone. I couldn’t concentrate. I decide to go back to the church, to check for the phone, again. I observe that I was not very thorough in my search.

‘You have checked everywhere,’ my friend says. ‘Well, I’ll check again. Maybe I’ll find it this time.’ In order to be sure, I head back again.
This time, the church has finished the meeting. Fresh! Everything is working in my favor. I start by asking the locals if they found the phone. No show. I check the chairs again. This time I find it, hidden somewhere beneath. Wow!
I didn’t find it the first time, but I do the second time!
I have since made up my mind that if I don’t get something at first try, I’ll give it a second shot.
Now that I have shared the story, it is time to call Keshia!


Ike Amadi

Author of the book Do Something! I am an advocate of all things #fresh. I want to see you become a #dosomethingperson.

  • Mercy

    Creative writing!!!


    Glad you found your phone.

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