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Your Body Reacts And Responds To What You Focus On – @9jareigns

So this evening, I spoke with a friend, Mr. Tunde (@9jareigns). The conversation was really fresh. It was motivation on demand. I learned so much that I decided to share.
I’ll quote most of what he said:“We need to remind ourselves of God’s love.”
Talking of healing, he says,
“We don’t pray for healing. We believe for healing.” That I thought was fresh. He expatiated that God has healed us already, (1 Pet 2:24) amd we only need to believe to see it manifested in our lives.
“The more you focus on what God has done, the more it manifests in your body.”
“We have a mind we can focus, that makes us different from other animals. Sadly, we Christians do not meditate. We need to focus on what God actually said and let it settle in our minds.”
“I saw some people praying for a sick person, and I could sense that fear was part of their prayers. They were focusing very much on the disease rather than the healing power of God. Instead of sickness, talk about what Jesus did on the cross. Your body reacts to what you focus on.
[If you are believing God for healing,] you need to focus on our healing.
we need to learn to live by faith.
kathryn Kuhlman said that 85% of people who got miraculous healing at the crusade grounds get the same diseases back. You know why? Because they have not learned to live by faith.
The healing at the crusade ground was a rescue exercise, but you need to learn to live by faith.
Our lives should not be led from miracle to miracle, rather we should live by faith on a daily basis.
We must learn how to depend on God from day to day.”

Wow! The conversation was worth it. Very inspiring.

If you are blessed, follow him @9jareigns.


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