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How Faith Made Faith a Millionaire!

Bishop Oyedepo spent 3 whole messages to talk about Giving and Giving, and Sacrifice and Offering! He spoke of Giving as the only way out of Poverty, and not just out of poverty, but out of several other things that money cannot buy.

To be honest, I felt that 3 services was already too much time dedicated to money matters; could he not have taught soul-winning instead?

Now I know better that he had to hammer it into our small heads so that we would learn to live life on the sacrificial lane, lay down our heart and havings in order to get God’s best into our soul and body.

Read the amazing true testimony of one of us, a @thelafamily member, and tell me if you will ever forget the word, ‘Sacrifice,’ till Jesus come.—-
Chisom, my kid sis wrote jamb again and again, not because she was not intelligent enough. She had always scored over 200* but admission did nt favour her. This last time, dad gave her money to purchase yet another jamb form and instead of buying it, she enveloped it and went to church. She went to the altar in church, dropped the envelop containing the money for her JAMB** form and told GOD to use the cash for whatever pleases HIM cos she wasn’t going to buy another JAMB form. She walked out of the church, came home and didn’t tell anyone what she had done. She went for one Christian Students Congress in Abuja and when they were calling for varieties and special presentations, she gave her name and recited the whole book of Hebrews. After the program, a lot of people came to meet her and out of them a senior lecturer in UNIABUJA asked her if she was in school and she said No. The man took her details and her name applied in last admission list for that section to study English Language.

Today, she represented Abuja Christian Students in a National Bible Recitation and Quiz Competition hosted by CAN. And out of the 36 people that represented the 36 states of the country, my sis, Chisom Faith emerged winner with a cash prize of N5 million naira.

I wondered at such great faith , and then I discovered her name indeed is, Faith! End of discussion.

People, let’s wake up!

Ike Amadi,
Co-ordinator, The LA family

*200 is usually the pass mark for most universities.
**JAMB- Joint Admissions Matriculation Board is a body that oversees admissions into tertiary institutions in Nigeria. You have to take the universal matriculation exam in order to get into a tertiary institution.

Ike Amadi

Author of the book Do Something! I am an advocate of all things #fresh. I want to see you become a #dosomethingperson.

  • I’m WAKING up!!

    WOW, what a testimony! I’m sharing it with others too!

  • favoured

    This is really inspiring! All too soon after hearing testimonies and sermons on giving, we forget and resort to our natural fleshly self of hoarding to gain more. This is man’s wisdom, God’s wisdom is that in order to receive we have to give give give!!! Thank you for reminding us yet again on the only way to receive God-style!

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