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I Hate Correction!

The fact that I hate correction means I am stupid, and want to remain stupid.

“He who hates correction is stupid.”

Proverbs 12:1

They say, ‘A dog that is destined to be lost, will not heed the hunter’s whistle.’

I use the personal pronoun, ‘I’, because I have been guilty, severally, of this act of foolishness. As young persons, we are full of life, hot-blooded, and tend to want to think we are already capable of making our own decisions. Worse still, when we make those decisions, we want to make sure we do them. An aberration, to us, means we are weak.
I am yet to see a man who literally loves correction. “Correction is grievious unto him that forsaketh the way.” Correction is not sweet. Never is. Never will be. “A wise man, however, will accept correction.”

Now let us briefly take a look at three kinds of people based on how they handle correction.

1. The outright stupid man who hates correction. Prov. 12:1
2. The fool who ignores correction. Prov. 15:5
3. The wise man who accepts correction. Prov. 15:5

When you hate to be corrected; If you get mad when someone points you to something that is wrong in your life, then sorry, you are in the first group.

Now I know of a time when I hated correction, I always thought I was smart and needed the person correcting me to package it in a way that sounded appealing to me. I needed to see that it was laced with love and that the correction was free of every sentiment. That nearly took me to the grave, for “he who hates correction will die” Prov. 15:10. I might think that I am wise if I am able to find fault in the way I am being corrected, but I am actually very stupid.

Most of us fall in the second group of people – the fools. We patiently hear but we do not heed. We listen and we pay attention to the words, but we let them depart from our hearts. We choose which to implement, and others we forego.
A person walks up to you and says, ‘Hey! This thing you are doing is clearly wrong, ‘change your ways!’ You say, ‘I’ve heard you. I will!’ But you never do. You always find devilish reasons that make sense to you and your reasoning, thus encouraging you to stay in your old way…until of course trouble breaks out.
I have been there. They tell you, ‘Ike, this thing will kill you.’ You say, ‘Thanks. I
know. I’ll do something!’ and I eventually did not do anything about it. You will not die in Jesus name, because I know you will do something!

And finally, the wise man who accepts correction. In fact, writing about this man brings smiles to my face. I so want to be this man. This is the one who loves correction, be it packaged with love or served raw. He accepts it. Now what does it mean to accept correction? It means to actually change your ways. To accept that you were a fool when you engaged in such nefarious activities and that you have weighed yourself and found yourself wanting. You have, in fact, from the moment of being corrected, made new decisions in order to properly align your life in destiny’s pathway. Obviously, to do that you must be humble. When corrected, you apologize, change and move on!
It is truly not easy to heed correction, but if we must swim against the current of the world – a current that has made several wrong things appear right, then we must love and heed correction.

I choose to love correction.

What about you?

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Ike Amadi

Author of the book Do Something! I am an advocate of all things #fresh. I want to see you become a #dosomethingperson.

  • Phunbiebabs

    Love this makes a whole lot of sense. More grease to ya elbow.

  • Jumibi

    I like d piece…..can identify wit some part of it x_x. Bt i have a diff opinion abt some part tho. Altogether, good piece. (Y)

  • ike

    lol. Thanks Jumibi….but could you please highlight the part you have a diff opinion about, I could fine tune it : )

    thanks in anticipation : )

  • paul armah

    Awesome.Great piece.Love every bit of it.God bless you.You are doing something Bro.

  • Mercy

    As unpleasant as correction maybe, heeding to it brings life!

    A very profound and sincere note! Weldone!

  • Saude

    This is exactly what I need at this point in time. Thanks Ike for the timely article. I am very stubborn and HATE correction. Just like you, even when being corrected, I want it on my own terms.I’m glad I’ve realized my folly and God helping me, I’ll make amends.

  • dreeee1

    you should write more.

  • Correction is delicious!

  • But how does one always correctly discern which corrections to heed and those to ignore ??

    • My brother, your spirit will bear witness. That is no 1. No 2. The reputation of the person correcting is 2.

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