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I love my mama!

My Mama n I at the Airport.

A mama’s love!


Aint nothing in this world compared to a mama – a godly mama.

After five years, i got to eat my mama’s food again – and yea, aint no food in the whole wide world sweeter than a mama’s food.
the salt in it is the standard for all other foods.
Be it pepperish, it be for a reason.

A mama’s hug is like a blanket in a cold morning
A mama’s kiss is like the kiss of a thousand angels
A mama’s love is more than that of a thousand lovers.

A godly mama loves you with or without your billions.

lets not talk of how she carried you nine months, avoiding all balls just to make sure you are nicely delivered.
or how she cared for you when you didnt know your right from your left.
she took the blame so that you’ll not be put to shame.

oh yea, now she’s of another generation
“she doesn’t understand you”, you say even though it is you who do not understand yourself – yet
you forget that:
before that Harvard degree or that Kremlin Diplom, you had a mama.
Before that Bangkok placement or that Delhi posting, you had a mama.
Before that Wall Street salary or that Senatorial allowance, you had a mama.

so don’t go chasing billions and forget you got a mama!

she prays for you when you are busy playing with the world
she thinks of you when you are busy thinking of a girl
she loves you even when you no longer regard her

she believes that one day you’ll make her smile again
that one day you’ll return the hugs she gave you
that one day she’ll proudly tell your story to her friends
…That day is TODAY!


I love my mama!!

My mum dancing on her church's women's day!

Ike Amadi

Author of the book Do Something! I am an advocate of all things #fresh. I want to see you become a #dosomethingperson.

  • zack oyiwe

    it is always great to have a wonderful mother like urs, love her to the very end!

    • ike

      true say. thanks for commenting.

  • olaolu olaide solademi

    no influence is so powerful as that of the mother,my mother is worth more than hundreds of school masters,she loves me even when I deserve not to be loved,unfortunately she is no more!the greatest tragedy that has befell me was the lost of my mama,b’cos all I am I owe to my creator and my mother!R.I.P mrs banke Solademi,No woman on earth can take ur space)amadi,nice write up,it shows that u appreciate your mum!come sep 10,a poem will be posted!19yrs of living without mother!it is better imagined than experience,but that’s has been my CROSS

    • ike

      The Lord is your strength, my brother!

  • Obande Ogenyi

    Nice write up buddy! The influence/roles of mothers cannot be overemphasized. Beyond the formative years of a child where she shapens his/her character, she constantly ensures that none of her kids go astray or learn from life the hard way. Her joy is in the rising/progress of her kids. Glad, we are a generation that love our mamas because it wounds my spirit when I see what obtains in the west – children just dump their parents at their old age in some caring homes…Not too cool in my opinion…A second set of kids that devastate me are the adamant ones especially to parents…Like a man of God puts it…I have never seen a man that disobeys parents that comes under the full blessings of God….so, no matter your age, education, class or creed, u ve gota respect then as long as they live. I love u mama…and forever will!

    • ike

      wow…that’s a full article on its own. yes oooo the progress of her kids is her joy :)) Thanks Dr. Obande

  • olaolu olaide solademi

    she is the home I come from,she is my nature,soil,my ocean,and my everything,her love is the fuel that enable me to do the impossible,the hand that rocks the cradle is the hand that rules the world,loving her is just like a food to my soul(boys to men)she was the first person I knew,she was there when I first opened my eyes.the strength of motherhood is greater than natural laws!R.I.P my mama!i will forever love my mum,what else can I say brother Amadi?

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