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I Am Grace


I am grace offering
you a break from your work
I am grace offering you  a break
and not just a temporary vacation
but a long lasting vacation to the land of  righteousness
right standing with God
and in that land not only are people free to do anything
not only are the people  free and able to communicate with the Owner of the land but they get to be called Sons and Daughters
they get to be His adopted children
giving them free access into this land
This premium privilege of Sonship and Daughtership comes through the confession of faith that His Son is your Lord and personal Saviour
this confession and conviction of heart opens you to the gate ,it loses,sets you free
from the cemented sin barrier that excited between the Owner and you

In this land because of me grace
otherwise known as unmerited favour
Through me and only through me can the residents gain excess to the abundant life, victorious life which has been
handed,and freely delivered to them by the Son
The Son is not just a Prince
sitting and waving His hand making rules ,wishful thinking and  instructions
The Son is also known as the Messiah ,Saviour ,Redeemer
He is your Boaz ,the Boaz of your time ,came to redeem you He did
from the pool of confusion,darkness, hatred,jealousy
pulled you out from the strong,cold sin bondage
breaking you free through His blood
which vaporizes all the sin from your cloth, making you
stain free and pure as a dove
I did not just stumble upon you
nor locate you through my own efforts and deeds
no!But its because of this Messiah that i have been introduced into your life
I am grace living inside of you ,embedded in you,hidden in you,wrapped in you waiting for you to recognise me
and use me to carry out the mission,vision assignment laid before you
I am not afraid of you,i cling to you
I go before you  open the gates ahead of you
Accept me today and we will both shift,cross over to the other side of destiny fulfillment only through me and me only!!

BY Kitso Alicia Kusane

Ike Amadi

Author of the book Do Something! I am an advocate of all things #fresh. I want to see you become a #dosomethingperson.

  • sammathews

    its enough that grace has found me just as i am,

    its enough that grace has brought me from the miry clay,

    its enough JESUS gave me a second chance….

    it is enough that GOD has given me a purpose to live by…..

    it is enough that i have to do something…………….

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