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It is well with my soul

It is well with my soul 2

I am beginning to understand that God does not just give you an understanding about a matter, and that understanding not play a part in your life at some point. I just returned from the SFC Winter camp. It was an amazing camp.In the last session of the camp, the final preacher shared with us that when you are walking with God, it does not mean you’re excluded from the wind of challenges. The message was ended with the song titled “IT IS WELL WITH MY SOUL”, meaning even in the midst of the storms or a bad situation, it is well with my soul. These words have never been more real and more revelational to me until today.

Now, I understand that it is one thing to know about something, and it is another thing to have an experience about it. I’m also getting to understand through this situation that God may allow certain situations to come our way not because He wants to punish us- no! But for us to release our faith and hope in Him the more. So after arriving at the train station from the campsite with my town-mates, we were just about to enter into the metro, after an hour of waiting, when I then suddenly realised that my bag was missing. It had practically all my clothes inside. You know, that voice that creeps out of nowhere came into the picture and it kept on reminding me of what was in my bag; this is gone, and that is gone. Not that I am materialistic or anything but some of the items inside were gifts from close friends which are treasured.

Then, in a second, as these thoughts tried to infuse themselves into my shifted mind, I realised that I had to make a choice whether to allow these thoughts to be nurtured in my mind, sour my report of the camp, make me to focus on what I had lost, make me to be dull and sad or I could allow these words which were sown into my heart, IT IS WELL WITH MY SOUL, to bring forth comfort and peace from within me. Then, there without thinking twice (or thrice), I chose to allow these words to bring forth fruits of calmness in my soul, water and bring forth the peace of God that lives in me to take over the situation.

So we quickly rushed to the enquiries desk and asked if any bag had been found. On getting there, I was told I’d have to wait until the next day to come and check for it because the train had already left to another town. But because the word of God is life and peace to those who have it, peace and only the peace of God which surpasses all knowledge just arose and all those thoughts about what was in the bag was replaced by the peace of God. Whether I will get the bag or not I know that IT IS WELL WITH MY SOUL.

I can still hear some of the final words spoken just before the closing prayer DO NOT LET ANYTHING DISCOURAGE YOU FROM YOUR WALK WITH GOD. I realised that it can mean even few hours from the closure of the camp or in a few months to come, but DO NOT GET DISCOURAGED. So I thank God so much for helping me realise what it means to have a shifted Christ attitude. So whatever situation you find yourself in dear camper or believer in Christ, do not let the enemy steal those words from you. The Bible says; “the thief comes only to kill steal and destroy and Jesus has come to give us life and in abundance.” That life has peace living inside of it so hold on to the Word of God and allow the Word to bring comfort and peace unto you even through an unexpected event in life.

By Kitso

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