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#la187: Day 10: The Young Man That Gives Hope.



Genesis 37:  Mr Jacob’s Decision’s Again.
Joseph was clearly different from the rest.  Much younger certainly, and not well vast in matters of the bush. Yet Jacob sent him to check on his brothers.
As parents we must first ensure that whatever gap between our children is bridged and protect those who appear weak among our kids.
Moreover, though God chooses to bless one of our siblings in a most special way, we must endeavor to see how we can facilitate that person’s dream, and not scheme to quench it.
All in all, whatever we go through in life is according to divine plan. As long as we do not suffer for wrong doing!

Genesis 38: The Perez anointing
My friends love to wish me the Perez (Pharez) anointing. I always forgot what it meant.
Judah did well by protecting Shela, his youngest son from the woman. He didn’t want to lose them all by allowing his sons ‘go in to her.’ The sad part, however, was the adultery that ensued, which was of the most shameful kind.
Again, we see the kind of friend Judah kept – a friend who was the middle-man in the act!
Judah’s new twins: Pharez and Zarah appear exciting. We’ll see if they will do great things other than their extraordinary appearance on earth!

Genesis 39: Joseph: The Young Man That Gives Hope.
Would to God that I will be a Joseph in my generation. Two things I find noteworthy:
1– Joseph was on management training all along. Was a manager in Portiphar’s house, a manager in the prison as well.
You might be on training right now without knowing it. Live wisely!
2- Although Jacob’s house was replete with men with little or no regard for the laws of God – they conspired first to kill him, and then later to sell him – Joseph stood out and feared God.
You too can stand out in an evil generation!

Genesis 40 You Will Be Forgotten.
“Why are your faces so sad today? … “Tell me your dreams.”
Joseph was interested in people not just himself. He used his gift for the benefit of others. 
But here again, we see that the chief cup bearer forgot him. Brethren, be not dismayed if people you expect to remember you do not. 
Though men forget you, God will remember you!

God bless you as you continue,
Till tomorrow!

for the #la187 team.

Ike Amadi

Author of the book Do Something! I am an advocate of all things #fresh. I want to see you become a #dosomethingperson.

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