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#la187: Lessons from Abraham – Do Something!
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#la187: Lessons from Abraham

@signetseal, a #la187 ambassador, tweeted on Day 4: Gen 13- 16; Psalm 4:

And Lot with him. Gen 13:1 what is your lot? That which weighs you down? That which competes with God?
Lot will always demand for more of your time & lead you away from your place of relevance.
Gen 14:24: a servant is worthy of his wages! However, do not associate yourself with questionable wealth.
Lot will always lead to a rift between u & ur God! Until you – S.E.P.A.R.A.T.E!!!
Lot also understood the power of association. He left with Abram and got rich… He became greedy thoexamples of ‘lot’ cld be: too much tv, illicit sex, bitterness, envy – anythg dat comes btw u & God!
Lot always seems harmless in the begining until it creeps up on you, distracting your mission! Hmmm
we all ave lots in our lives. Identify yours & S.E.P.A.R.A.T.E. Frm it!
Lot desired d worldly value of friendshp while Abram desird d eternal value: Extrinsic V Intrinsic
Gen 13:14 ‘Luk frm d place whr u r’ Stop lookg at ur present circumstance, lift up ur eyes & luk ahead
dnt dwell in ur present situation – wen u let go of Lot & ur worries – u see easily. It clears ur path!
Gen 13:14-15 is a divine Promise of a God-given dream,much bigger than man’s capacity- only God!#la187
Claim God’s promise not only by hearg but by doin also! Ha! I think I’m on a roll here guyz! #la187
verse 18: d Altar of God aint physical no more – its in u! Wow! #la187
Gen 15: 1 wen we reject men’s reward God will be our exceedingly grt reward
Gen 14:24: a servant is worthy of his wages! Hweva do nt associate self wit questionable wealth.#la187
bram valued his integrity & reputatn above worldly riches. He was disciplined enuf to say -NO!#la187
Abrams refusal of d king of Sodom’s gift teaches me to refrain frm acceptg gifts frm corrupt men#la187
Abram honored God by givg tithe to his priest- Melchizedek. A blessg to odas comes bck to u!
Gen 14:18the world & everybody will surely notice u wen God chooses to bless u-evn men of God honor God’s chosen
Abraham still showed compassion & gave help to Lot inspite of Lot’s selfishness. Gen 14:14-16
Gen 14:4 ‘…in the 13th yr they rebelled.’ Rebel against any 4rm of slavery in this year 2013. #la187
Gen 14:4’…in the 13th yr they rebelled.’Rebel against any 4m of oppresive ldrship or bondage!#la187
Abram paid his tithe. Tithing is a heavenly principle – Pay ur tithes! Gen 14:20. #la187
Gen 15:16 God is not quick to judge – He gives evn the wicked a long rope -a chance to repent b4 judgmnt
Gen 15:18 God made the Abrahamic covenant with Abram – He promised him dominion over the earth! #la187
10yrs after no shw of God’s promise, Abram&Sarah tuk matas into their hands-till date we suffer 4 it!
wen u giv d devil a loophole, he takes it & makes ur life a livg hell! Havoc is d devil’s forte! #la187
Abram&Sarah took matters into their hands & till date d world suffers 4 their mistakes- Ishmael!#la187
we blame each oda wen thgs go wrong insted of turng to God to deliver us frm our mistakes Gen 16:11&12
Safety is guaranteed by God alone! Ps. 4:8! Goodnite guyz frm la187! Been grt sharg with y’all!!!

Thanks to @signetseal for being a blessing to us all today. Totally was all out sharing the revelations she got from the Word of God. Don’t stop. More grace!

p.s Will edit as time goes on! FOr now, the Word of God is boiling in our hearts and mind. Join us. Join us. The excitement, we do not want to enjoy alone. visit for the program now!

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