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I had started this piece a while now, but today’s reading, 1 Kings 13 showed me why I had to finish it. May you be blessed by the reading. 

There are some praises that when I read or hear, I pause and think.
One of them is,”Man of God, man of God!”
You hear many being addressed as, ‘man of God.’
I observed that the first person to be addressed thus was Moses. Moses was a man of God. (Deut 33:1). Now look at the man Moses. The man who was the meekest man on earth. Numbers 12:3
A man whom God spoke to face to face.
A man who dwelt severally in the presence of God and would not take any step if God was not to go with him.
A man who interceded for his people, and when God said he was going to destroy the Israelites pleaded with God not to; that is, if He wanted to retain his name in the book He has written. (The book of life).
You see a man who was selfless, always doing his best for his people. That was a true man of God.
One of the reasons I use KJV is because it has several catchment phrases that sticks over time – one of which is this phrase, ‘man of God.’

Now who is a man of God?

 A man of God is one that blesses. The first instance of the phrase, ‘man of God’ is in Deut 33:1,”and this is the blessing wherewith the man of God Moses blessed the people before his death.”

A man must bless and be a blessing. He must speak life and not death. He should not be a mud pond of complaints, but must be a fountain of freshness.

There are several persons who bear the title, ‘man of God’ in vain; the Bible refers to them as old prophets. May I not be an old prophet, In Jesus name. Here we see the usage of these two words:  Old prophet and ‘Man of God’, in one verse. What was the distinguishing factor? It wasn’t so much because the ‘prophet’ was advanced in age, else the Bible would have referred  to the other as, ‘young prophet’ if the argument is that he was considerably young in age.

The Message version made my life easier by corroborating with my thesis, in the verse 11 of 1 Kings 13, you see, ” There was an old prophet who lived in Bethel. His sons came and told him the story of what the holy man had done that day in Bethel, told him everything that had happened and what the holy man had said to the king.” This tells me that another meaning for the ‘man of God would be, a holy man.

Let us consider what it means to be called an old Prophet. Take a look at these phrases, ‘My old car, my old computer, my old house was larger.’ Old, in these phrases, refers to ‘former,  previous, something that is no longer in use.’ It is possible that the ‘old prophet’ was once a man of God but not any longer. Hence, the ‘old.’

Here is what Mathew Henry had to say about the event: Verses 11-22 The old prophet’s conduct proves that he was not really a godly man. When the change took place under Jeroboam, he preferred his ease and interest to his religion. He took a very bad method to bring the good prophet back. It was all a lie. Believers are most in danger of being drawn from their duty by plausible pretences of holiness. We may wonder that the wicked prophet went unpunished, while the holy man of God was suddenly and severely punished. What shall we make of this? The judgments of God are beyond our power to fathom; and there is a judgment to come. Nothing can excuse any act of wilful disobedience. This shows what they must expect who hearken to the great deceiver. They that yield to him as a tempter, will be terrified by him as a tormentor. Those whom he now fawns upon, he will afterwards fly upon; and whom he draws into sin, he will try to drive to despair.”

Other men of God

Samuel: in 1 Samuel 9:10, Samuel was there referred to as the man of God. Do you want me to tell you about the Great Prophet Samuel? A man who in 1 Samuel 12:23 said he prayed for his people. A man of God prays for his people. 

Elisha was also explicitly referred to as the man of God in 2 kings 6. Kings came to him to seek advice. He was a man with practical impact on his society.
Who comes to you, oh man of God?
God used Elisha to raise the dead and to perform many unusual miracles. (2 kings 4)
A man of God should be accompanied by the miracles of God. The man of God must calm the fear in society and speak peace to hurting minds.
Now let’s take a look at the New Testament man of God.
In 2 Tim 3:17 the term, ‘man of God’ is explicitly used. The only place in the New Testament used thus.  You will better understand the reason it is used if you read from verse 16 which says,
“16 All scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness:

17 That the man of God may be perfect, thoroughly furnished unto all good works.”

Sometimes as men of God we do not abound in good works. all because we are not in the Word of God. The scriptures are given to that we can abound in good works. 

so #la187 friend, abide in the scriptures, for that is the only way to abound in good works. Good works like healing, speaking peace, working miracles, loving e.t.c…and every good work that you desire to do for God.

I will do a more detailed piece on the interesting topic soon.

Thanks for reading.
for #la187 family.

Ike Amadi

Author of the book Do Something! I am an advocate of all things #fresh. I want to see you become a #dosomethingperson.

  • Mercy

    When i read I Kings 13, and couldn’t fathom why God didn’t punish the old prophet, i also concluded that it’s one of the numerous ways God proved Himself as Almighty, unquestionable.
    God bless you for this piece.
    Simple as usual : ) , but insightful.

    • Thanks dear for reading and being the first to comment. Very true. God is unquestionable. One other thing is that he uses the wicked to correct His erring sons and daughters. See how Solomon was tormented by the other cities when he disobeyed God. Same thing, the man of God. A warning for us all.

      • Mercy

        Hmmm…that’s true too.

  • Nice, point well supported sir. But, God later spoke through the “old” prophet in vs 20-22. Is it that God just borrowed him for that period or what. Thanks

    • Yes bro. God bless you for reading and commenting. True. God can speak through anyone, even a donkey. Remember Balaam, the prophet and his donkey – the speaking donkey.

  • Bless you…man of God:)

    • hahaha…hehehe. Amen! Woman of God.

  • Ola

    The WORD of God is needed in order for us to retain the ‘man-of-God’ freshness… It prevents us from being another ‘old prophet’

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