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Marriage Seminar: God Has More Children Other Than There!

Marriage! Marriage! Marriage!
Ignorance of a subject matter is darkness. And he who moves in the dark will stumble. It was with this understanding that the youths of Believers Gospel Mission invited Elder Mike Amadi to speak on the ‘How To Choose The Right Spouse’

His teaching. Enjoy.

Your attitude as a single should be right.
Wrong attitude is seen in:

  • Impatience
  • Frustration

The real problem of singlehood is attitude.
When our attitude is right, you’ll get it right.
Wrong attitude is when you begin to set standards, like:
‘I need to marry a graduate who can work with NNPC.’
Tis like making God a stamp. You say it, he stamps it.
A right attitude will make you triumph.
Be calm, and trust God.

During the period of waiting, you should practice these 5 P’s:
1. Prayer. Are you praying for your wife?
Pray for favor for every stage in the marriage process. Phil 4:6.
Except you don’t love marriage, don’t put it in your prayers.
If you know all things, don’t pray. Marriage is not ‘come and pick’
Involve God in your decision. Get rid of idols in your heart.
Don’t be carried away by friend’s choice.

2. Patience. Exercise faith in the ability of God to bring it to pass.
Hebrews 10:35-36.
Psalm 37:7-8
Ecc 10:7
To choose to wait for God’s time is to avoid a life of regrets.

‘Be anxious for nothing.’
They tell you all your mates have gotten married. Let that not bother you.
John 14:27; 16:33.
Instead of thinking of marriage, be busy for God. When you are busy for the master, God will be busy for you.

4. Purity.
Let it be the kind of primitive christianity. When virginity was still cherished.
If you want to get married, keep yourself pure.
Wait, and do it the right way. Heb 13:4
‘The only way to express sex is on the marriage bed.’
Resist every temptation to start doing it wrongly.
Purity of conduct will help you command respect in the sight of your spouse.
God’s standard is so sure, it doesn’t matter if it is not modern christianity. Be primitive! Be pure!
When you conduct yourself, you eliminate suspicion.
When lovers are pure, the romance will be total.
Ruth 3:10-11

I remember my wedding day, when the pastor was preaching too long, I was saying, “Pastor, preach quickly so that I can go and open my parcel.”‘

5. Preparation
Buy books on marriage written by anointed ministers. Read those books on marriage.
Learn things like, ‘your wife should not visit you at the odd time’ etc.
Don’t enter into marriage until you are spiritually, emotionally, and physically mature.
Prepare financially.
Ladies, learn useful home-making skills.
Learn how to cook. Learn domestication.
‘My wife is my best treasurer.’
Man, be gainfully employed. Embark on self-improvement programs.
Time is your greatest asset. Don’t waste it!


Even if God has shown you your wife, pray for favor with the lady’s family, for the wedding, for your kids….

Thinking there are no more men where you are?
‘God has more children everywhere!

Thinking there are no ladies who will say yes to you?
‘God has more children everywhere!

So be patient! Wait for it. Tis coming your way.


From the youths of Believer’s Gospel Mission, Suleja.

@IkeAmadi was there : )

Ike Amadi

Author of the book Do Something! I am an advocate of all things #fresh. I want to see you become a #dosomethingperson.

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