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#MarryHer: 19 Mistakes boys make in relationships – Do Something!
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#MarryHer: 19 Mistakes Boys Make In Relationships

#MarryHer: 19 Mistakes boys make in relationships

We listened to a great relationship session by Apostle Johnson Suleiman. We took some notes which we think are very beneficial to young men out there.

Please enjoy.


Males are born, men are made. Making involves process. You can’t determine the family you’re born into, but you can determine the family you create. It is a blessing to be born into a believing family.

Apostle Johnson Suleiman argued that until a male is married, he is still a boy. He doesn’t understand responsibility of marriage.

The 19 mistakes boys make are:

  1. Having multiple partners. Any young man who wants to live long should do one thing at a time. Having multiple relationships confuses your mentality. You’ll have a problem with being pleased. Relationship is 70% spiritual and 30% physical. The demons stopping those ladies from getting married will be awakened when they sense you approaching them and attempting to commit. Now imagine several demons combining efforts to stop you.
    You better be spiritual!
  1. Proposing to a lady you know you will not marry. You can’t be smarter than the devil, avoid him! When you propose to a lady and you drop her, life and nature will be against you. It is better to shock her by marrying her than lead her on and not marry her.
    Marry Her Ike Amadi
  2. Dressing shabbily. The way you dress determines who you attract. To dress well, understand colors and understand events.
  3. Being extra possessive. Do not be possessive over a woman you are not married to. When you hold a lady in very high esteem, if she moves you can break down. The only person that demands your 100% is God. He’s the only one that cannot break your heart. Over-possessiveness is a sign of lack of self-confidence.
  4. Not appreciating a lady’s efforts to please you; you only amplify her faults. Write hurts where the wind can erase it; write help where you can remember for life.
    Don’t assume help is natural. Don’t assume it is your right. Until you meet people who treat you anyhow, you will not value those who treat you special. Ladies will do more when they are appreciated.
    The best gift a lady can give you is not sleeping with you. If you are having sex in a relationship, stop it! When there is sex, the mind is perverted.

Health is wealth

  1. Not paying any attention to hygiene. Your health is your wealth.
  2. Status consciousness. Being in a relationship because of what you want to get. Don’t line up with a status that God has not put you in for now.
  3. Being moved by physical appearance. True beauty of a lady is her character.
    Wise boy + wise girl = good homeStupid boy + stupid girl = unwanted pregnancy
    Stupid boy + wise girl = better boy
    Wise boy + stupid girl = heart break.
  1. Failure to develop yourself. We live in a developed world, and very soon your children will start asking you sensitive questions. Read books. When you’re conscious of your tomorrow, you’ll develop yourself.
  2. Rebuking the lady in public. She doesn’t see the rebuke, she sees the embarrassment. Learn words like I’m sorry, Thank you. Count your words.
  3. Being promiscuous. Sexual promiscuity is a sign of destiny bankruptcy. 70% of relationships where sex is involved don’t lead to marriage.
  4. Not proving their partner before commitment. You must know. Only what has been proven can yield proofs. That is the reason for courtship. When you cannot cope, don’t hope. When it touches your destiny, you can’t cope. Who you cannot cope with today, leave today! Where there is abuse and quarrel, leave! Why many people don’t leave is because of sex. Don’t allow your erection to give you direction. Control your manhood.
  5. Marrying a cook or a sex slave. What if you are not hungry?
  6. Living without a plan for your life. Know that you have a destiny – so that when you see an immoral lady, you know that is not part of your life. You are going somewhere. Nobody plans to fail. People fail because they are not prepared; people fail because they are not prepared.
  7. Thinks money can buy love. True love is staying with one person.
  8. Being abusive in the relationship. Strong men don’t beat ladies to make them submissive. Real men are calm; control yourself when you are angry.
  9. Looking for a perfect girl. No one is perfect, and you are not as well!
  10. Thinking that when you make a lady feel bad, you can change her. You can’t change anyone, only Jesus can. Do you your job to make everybody happy.
  11. Not knowing the definition of a real man.A real man is a person of excellence.An investor – invests time and energy in his career.

    Loves God – a man who loves God will love you well.

    A real man talk talks less

    Firm; his mother cannot tell him who to marry. Deep down a parent loves you when you are firm.


That’s it. I hope we don’t make the same mistakes listed above.

Transcribed by
Ike Amadi


Ike Amadi

Author of the book Do Something! I am an advocate of all things #fresh. I want to see you become a #dosomethingperson.

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