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Mrs. Worry!

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Mrs. Worry!

And here is the transcript of the recording. Enjoy!

I had put this up as a BBM profile message: ‘Say no to Mrs. Worry.’

Some ladies were not very happy about it.

They objected saying that it should be Mr. Worry.

Whether or not worry is masculine or feminine does not matter much. What matters is the evil it does to us.

Of all the bad things I have heard, read and seen about this subtle soulmate called worry, the worst of it is that worry makes you look older than your age.

I mean, a young man of 25 with bones and body parts of a 60 year old, this clearly is due to the fact that that man has let worry eat up all the life in him.

Worry kills faster than tobacco.

When we worry, we sap out the strength we woulda used to do something profitable.

That is, worry is negative work.

Now why do we worry?

We worry when we do not trust God for our tomorrow.

We worry because of unbelief.

We worry because we feel we are inadequate for what our tomorrow demands.

Because we want to figure out our lives by ourselves. We put God on the sidelines. We act as though God is too weak to handle them for us.

We most times worry because when we remember our past, we are filled with shame and feel as though there’s no hope for tomorrow. We forget that everything has been taken care of on the cross of calvary….

Rather than work, we choose to worry.

This past week, I have worried so much that I nearly fell sick.

At first, I thought that it was because of my long and tiring flight to my base in Moscow. When, however, I x-rayed the whole situation, I realized that it was the weight of the decisions I was to make in the week – decisions about my life and future – that caused me to go down.

I was too worried about projects I had not done.

I was worried about where I’ll go from Russia after my masters.

I was worried about my books; both the ones I had written and the ones I was to write.

I was worried about my computer which needed changing and the list of my cares went on and on.

Should I say I was too worried to pray?

Oh how easier the whole thing would have been if only I had prayed about them.

With worry, you can’t pray.

If it is possible you prayed with worry still evident in your life, that prayer wouldn’t go far.

God clearly says in Philipians 4:6, ‘Be careful for nothing, but through prayer and supplication, …’

First you must ‘be careful for nothing’ I.e, you must ‘be anxious for nothing’. We must first get rid of our worry.

And then ‘through prayers we can make our requests known.’

Would to God that you and I will stop worrying and learn to cast all our cares on the Lord.

Join me next week on this same column as we discuss practical ways we can deal with worry.

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Till then, worry not!

Ike Amadi

Author of the book Do Something! I am an advocate of all things #fresh. I want to see you become a #dosomethingperson.

  • doris

    I had been a victim of dat DEMONIC PARASITE called worry. Ooh, how it badly distabilized my entire being at that time. I lost appetite, fell sick, pitied my self, confessed negativity and above all, i lost my relationship with God b’cos i could not pray nor even read my bible, how bad? But glory be to God, i was restored back by virtue of the refreshing oil that came on me during the three days TIMES OF REFRESHING with you Ike Amadi.
    When we worry, we tend to undermine God’s ability to help us

  • wow…God bless you, Doris.

    May that oil of Refreshing continue to flow in your life.

    Know that I am praying for you …daily.

    God bless and keep you refreshed.

    My love to your fine two kids.

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