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Open Heavens With @DrPaulEnenche

Destiny Recovery Convention – Day2 Evening(1).
Topic: Open Heavens – Supernatural Empowerment. Text: Matt 3:13-16
1. Open Heavens mean Supernatural empowerment. The aim of supernatural empowerment:
A.For the establishment of the rule of God on earth.
B. For the enforcement of the agenda of the Almighty on earth.
C. Supernatural empowerment is for the demonstration of the authority of the Almighty.2. Open Heaven means announcement of Sonship. The aim:

A. For generational Introduction. Everyone needs an introduction what matters is who introdues you.
B. A guarantee of divine backing.
C. For generational acceptance and favour.
Keys to Open Heavens
1. Submission: In our text we see Jesus bowing in baptism to John the baptist though He was far greater than John.
Submission is the key to Open Heavens and Authority. Anyone who’s too big to follow is too small to be led. A man that was not fathered cannot be a Father. Pslm 68:6 God demonstrates His respect for fatherhood. 2Tim 3:1-5, Num 11:16-17, Acts 15:1,2 Hosea 12:13
Who is your Father?
1. The one whose Instruction for you is important. His Instruction is not subject to argument Eph 6:1-2.
2. The one who commands your honour, both publicly and privately (even in the face of critics)m
3. The one whose example is your principle.
4. The one who enjoys your goodwill and heart-felt affection. That affection flows into Intercession Eph. 6:18-19.
5. The one whose errands you will gladly run.
6. The one whose nakedness (weakness) you will not uncover Gen 9:22-27.
7. The one whose heart you touch with your gift (venison) Gen. 27:1-5.
8. Your father is the one who gwts pleasure from your life. You are not a source of pain and disouragement.
How do you know he is your Father?
His voice resonates with your spirit. When he speaks you understand. Your future is his present. He carries your fire.

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