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Overcoming Personal Limitations

Overcoming Personal Limitations

Overcoming Personal Limitations
By Pastor Matthew Ashimolowo Pt. 1.

John 5:1-9
In this story, the personal limitation of this man was magnified. He was impotent.
Impotence here means limitations – those things in our life that make us not to become totally all that God wants us to become.

Impotence – frailty, incapability, incompetence, inefficiency, lack of utility, powerlessness, shortcomings.

You and I must break the limitations in our life.

Limitations are:
Personal hurdles that limit you, and stand between you and your breakthrough;
Restraints, e.g horses who are full of power, but are restrained;
Stumbling blocks on the road to your destiny;
It could be mental limitations – pictures in our minds of failure;

If you don’t break your limitation, you’ll be spiteful at those who are succeeding.
Hence the principle, “Never take shopping people who cannot afford what you are buying.”

No one can help you overcome your limitation. You gotta overcome them yourself.

1. We have limited days. Be wise. Ps. 90:12
2. We have limited gifts. Use them.
3. Limitations of relationships. We expect people to deliver more than they can.
If we will overcome relationship limitations, we must stop buying love.

Breaking free from personal limitation starts from knowing who you are, and qualifying who you are in Christ.
God wants you to break free.

Find fulfillment in your relationship with God. You can’t please everybody politically, spiritually and otherwise.

Qualify access but don’t shut your bowel. Don’t stop trusting people, there is someone who is your door to your next level.

People who come to you are either a ‘wall’ or a ‘bridge’ – people who connect you to your next level, and challenge you to wake up.


1. Because you are packaged by God to overcome. Rev. 3:12, 21, 21:7
I release you to go free in Jesus name!
The first prophet to your life is you. Confirm the prophecies of God concerning you. If there was no adversity to overcome, God will not call you an overcomer.
Once you accept Christ as your Lord and savior, you inherit the nature of an overcomer. You are encouraged to look forward, leaving the things that are behind.
For every limitation, there is a promise in God’s word to help you overcome that limitation. 2 Cor 6:20; 1:21

Declare: I’m free in the name of Jesus. I overcome every limitation.

From today, stop using the word, ‘never.’ Take the limits off!

If anyone thinks you’re overdoing it in your pursuit of your vision, let them know you are just starting.

Surround yourself with the right people
Validate each person in your life right now. Are they draining you?
Don’t let what you don’t have stop you from where you are going to.

You will overcome every limitation in Jesus name. There will be an outbreak of miracles in your life this month. You will have unusual testimony in the dimensions they have never seen.

More of my notes from Pastor Matthew Ashimolowo of @KICCLondon coming soon. Watch this space.

Ike Amadi

Ike Amadi

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