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#Shiloh2013: Exceeding Grace! Day 1

Being led by God is what makes man a leader
Following God’s director makes you a director
When God says, ‘This is the place, it becomes the place.’
Very shortly, God will say, this is the person.
When God guides you, he silences opposition.
Exceeding grace is when you follow his guidance.
Joshua 18:1-3.
When God gives you a clear direction, whhat you do will flourish.
Shiloh is not a church program, it is a divine mandate.
When you follow God’s command, God makes you a commander.
What is in Shiloh?
1.Joshua 18:1. Dominion. Where you have. Been. Cheated before, you have dominion. Dominion means to be in charge. Dominion over failure. Dominion over every oppression.
2.Vs 2. Shiloh is a place of delivery of our inheritance. Whatever is contrary to the redemptive package of Jesus shall be destoyed.
Joy, peace, fruitfulness shall be delivered.
3. Expect a divine encounter of exceeding grace for supernatural turn around. 1 Samuel 1:18-19.

How do you prepare to encounter?
1. You must become a child of God. Joshua 18:1. Children, not strangers. Only children are entitled to an encounter. If you are not sure, then you are not saved.
The grace of God that bringeth salvation has appeared to all men.
2. Be expectant. Be prepared. Be ready. Be engaged. Spiritually engaged. Spiritually on the lookout. Exodus 19:10-11.
3. Be in prayers. Hannah was in prayers when she encountered exceeding grace.
Everyone who got attention from God continued in prayer.
4. Be in The word of God.Acts 20:32

At Shiloh 2013, God’s guidance shall be made available.

Begin to pray, ‘I am encountering exceeding grace’


And here ended Bishop David Abioye’s message.

I got excerpts of the message by Bishop David Oyedepo. I’ll update as we go.

How exceeding is the grace of salvation?

Every child of God carries unlimited potentials via redemption:

1. Generational impact potential after the order of Abraham. Trans-generational impact. Your life cannot end here when your time on earth is over. It must continue after you.

2. Isaac order of blessings. He should be envied, not pitied.
Anything that cause you to be pitied has been carried away via redemption.
Open your eyes to see what you carry.

3. A greater than Solomon potential. Whatever Solomon amounted to, there’s much more in you.

Shiloh continues…
Join in Shiloh 2013 with expectation. Tune in live via

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